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How Do You Get The Best Rank?

Hey guys,

Question for the vets...

I've gotten professional a few times, and scout once (on the third level I think) and I'm unsure of two things.

1) Is there a way to complete every mission without killing anyone? I know you can take some chloroform and knock people out. Does this matter for ratings? I seem to kill a whole lot of people every level.

2) What are some of the things that reduce the perfect rating (and what is it called?)

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Not sure, I usually end up filling a room full of bodies at some point I can never resist.
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Actually, it's on their website in the FAQ... Sounds pretty rough. You can't change uniforms for one thing.... So I couldn't even imagine ever getting the best rank. I slaughter the bastards any chance I get.
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Depending on the mission, you can get the best score by not killing someone or committing a massacre. The most important thing is to act discreetly and accurately.

Combat: Indicates how often you use noisy weapons (machine guns, grenades, mines, etc..

Aggressiveness: Depends on number of enemies killed. This note increases as many civilians (mostly women) are killed. It decreases if you use choloroforme. Killing enemy soldiers doesn't increase a lot your agressiveness score.

Noise: This value increases when alerts are given and when information about you circulating in the enemy ranks, when you are caught or you do not change clothes. The noise level may increase after the discovery of a body.

Professionalism: This value depends on how you eliminate the enemies. This note is 100% initially. The fact of using a knife in melee, a tourniquet or choloroforme does not affect this value. The use of other weapons does decrease as the frequency and accuracy of their use and the uniforms worn.

Precision: This value decreases if you miss your target, but it does not affect your total score. Be warned that professionalism depends on precision.

The final result is calculated based on these five parameters. Ideally, you should obtain a professional and an accuracy of 100% while having the other parameters (especially noise) close to zero.

The points scored depends on the number of enemies neutralized and the method used (gun + uniform worn), the score, level of difficulty and bonuses. If you keep your original uniform, points are generally higher, but it will be harder to accomplish your mission!

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