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Any way to reset all progress? (In single player)

My kids (particularly my oldest, who is 6) are both really into Portal. However, I've beaten the game. As a result, if anything is in the least bit difficult they've figured out that they can just load the next chapter.

So.. I'm trying to completely start from scratch. I've been able to eliminate the saved games, but so far have found no way to lock the chapters.

Does anybody have any idea how to accomplish this?

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Try one of these only using 0 instead of '15'. I used to know how to do this because it was something that kept happening to me playing mod collections (they wouldn't open up so I had to fix it by forcing a change in the config file, though that didn't work consistently, perhaps because of steam cloud).


Always back up first though.

if you're going to be there playing it with them, which I assume you are, you can use the console and sv_unlockedchapters but I suspect you'd need to do that *every* time you play.
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You still have to deal with Steam Cloud so maybe turn it off.

I am sorry I did not read your post fully. Deleting the saves does not lock the chapters it seems.

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