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Exclamation If you're getting dizzy, try this

Some people may feel a dizzy sensation when playing the game with default camera settings. If so there's an easy fix. Go to the setup menu and set the camera as follows:

Camera Speed: Slow
Slideshow Mode: Off
Alternate Control: Disabled

The camera speed adjustment only works when "Alternate Control" is disabled. When you disable Alternate Control you need to move the cursor to the edges of the screen before the camera will move. When Alternate Control is enabled the camera will move while the cursor stays centered on the screen.

Enjoy the game!
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Thank you for tips , but i have one question , why release only the english version , when have french ,german and many other language ?

I'm French , and your game are in my best adventure game i have ever played . Scratches is just awesome and his story , i know her by heart .

So it s because i'm disapointed , and maybe a lot others players will don t buy it for this same reason , and this is bad , because this is a great game .

cheers , thanks to have read me .
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The game plays so much better like this thank you. I don't really know why the other control scheme is default lol. The game feels like it's supposed to be played this way.
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Cool, thanks. It will make you dizzy as hell when it's fixed to
the center in alternate mode.. XD
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Is there any chance of the alternative control method being fixed? When I played the retail game a while back, I much preferred that method and the mouse sensitivity was much better. I find edge-scrolling to be annoying in comparison.
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I wanted to post this here in case anyone else runs into this problem. If the mouse control in the "alternate control" method is way too sensitive, make sure V-sync is on in your video card settings (Nvidia Control panel, or ATI/AMD's equivalent). It doesn't have to be set to "forced on" just make sure it's not set to "forced off." With mine, I've got it set to "Use the 3D application setting." This is from the dev in another thread:

Originally Posted by AgustinCordes View Post
This could be due to vertical sync being off. The game tries to force it but it sometimes fails. Make sure there isn't an override in the Advanced properties of your video card. Updating the drivers never hurts either
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For me was enough to switch the camera speed to "slow" value, and now it works fine.
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