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whats the wait time for support?

what's the current waiting time for steam support?
i have posted a ticket almost 12 hours ago now and i have heard nothing and its an account access problem due to steam gaurd!

i want access to the games i have paid for on steam but their steam guard system has not mailed me my code to give me access to my account!

i recomend against people using steam guard because you cant get access to whats yours after you reinstall window on your computer because it thinks its a new computer!

as with the wait for the steam guard code e mail and the wait for steam support looks liek i wont be getting access to my account anytime soon
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3-5 Business Days is standard.
The wait time also depends on how many open tickets there are and the quality of the information you provided in the ticket.

Responses take longer if you didn't verify you own the account in question.
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3-5 days!
thats disgusting! i not buying new titles from steam based on this wait time after my account is restored

but i should not even be having this problem because i should simpaly have a code in my inbox to login!
Quote "How do I get a new access code?

Exit Steam, restart your computer, and log back into your account. This will generate a new verification email." End Quote

this part does not work
i have not recived a new validation code for my account and the email account is reciving email and because i recently re-installed windows my email client does not even have a junk mail or spam box folders nor does it have the rules to sort them as such all incoming mail goes to the inbox

as for the infomation quality to prove i own the account

QUOTE"If you have a retail CD Key or last four digits of your credit card as proof you're the account's rightful owner, please enter that too."ENDQUOTE

i dont have any cd keys from games because i use steam so i dont need cds and i pay by paypal and not credit card so the infomation they are requesting is not even applicable in my case!

i did add infomation from my email that includes date and conformation codes for the games i have brought from steam

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well i have a responce now but it does not contain a resulution to my problem

they send me a message with infomation i have allready read on the support site

so i reply with the message please read my question rather than send me infomation based on the title of the question!

plain and simple i have not recived a authorisation code for steam guard in my email

there is no spam box for my email account all mail delivered to that address appeers in my inbox i have tryed the close steam and restart computer thing i just have not recived my code and have been waiting 2 days!
is that so hard to understand?
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whats the wait time for support?
It sure takes longer than using the search function to find the 100+ threads with the exact same question from people who didn't bother to search too.
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What email provider are you using? - I read in a previous thread the other day that adding the email address to your contacts list (with Yahoo) made the email come through.


Originally Posted by Silicon Vampire View Post
Looking at my Yahoo account options, I have a suggestion.

Add support@steampowered.com to your contacts list.
Originally Posted by RMFT View Post
I completely did not expect this to work...

But it did.

I love you. Time to resume killing kids on Black Ops. Pz.
This may work for you, may not - but its something you could try.

Typically most support tickets for account issues I've had responses in 24-48 hours, but it depends on how busy they are really.
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Support had scheduled downtime last night. it was in the sticky at the top of every page yesterday. 3-5 days for support to answer though many receive and answer of some kind within 24 hours. Hacked accounts are given priority and sometimes fixed within hours if all the required information is supplied by the user in the support ticket.

Adding your mail providers has worked for some peole but it tends to be those non standard e-mail services. Worth a try though.

People have also failed to change their e-mail address(users fault) on their account and are getting their access codes sent to old no longer existent e-mail addresses.

BTW Steam Guard seems to be doing what it was designed for as I no longer see a plague of "my account got hacked" threads.
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I'm waiting 4 months now for my problem...
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approximately 10 years
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