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Thumbs down Dissapointed by plot, level & design inconsitency & Retcons! Nothing match Portal 1!

Few days ago i started similar topic

But back then i havent yet received my retail copy and was complaining only about glados location and different design.

Well i didnt even knew back than that glados would be found back at here "home place" still connected to wires... because you know, last time i saw glados in portal 1 she was completely ruined and flew away to parking from her room, so i was sure i will meet her wreckage at the parking.
Why i was sure about that? Because you know, there is a rule for sequels - they should match their prequels and good writers and designers care to make everything matching.

Whenever everything match - transition between original and sequel is smooth, whenever something not match it bothering fans (at least intellectual part of them, but idiots can eat everything) and causing cognitive dissonance.

If in the end of one episode there is dead body in one place, then in beginning of next episode, same dead body should lay in same place! Thats number 1 rule for consistency of sequels and series! This is simple rationality after all! Why Valve do not care about rationality!

How rational people suppose to react when when in the end of Portal 1 Glados room was different, she flew away from that room in pieces and now in Portal 1 she is one piece in same Room (which also have magically appeared stairs behind.

Well ok, when i 1st saw same levels i seen in Portal 2 - i was shocked how different they looked in Portal 2, and not because of aging, but because of very careless design.
Different textures, different shape of objects, different colours and even different locations of object.

You can read whole point here in my not very positive review of Portal 2 (im just lazy to type whole thing again)

And please dont make excuses for lazy and every careless job that Valve did.
Whole Portal 2 looks and feels like it was created by absolutely another people, who never really played Portal 1 or was barely informed about it.

After all this inconsistency I wonder, why Valved aint yet changed Asian Chell to some African Chell, or not yet turned female Chell to male Chell)))
Anyway there so many blind and not very intelligent people who never noticed this inconsistency and would eat any crap that Valve would make, without asking questions.

I suppose that playtest this time was pretty poor, Valve bosses was too busy with something else, and some new level designer, who never played Portal, messed things up, when put glados back in her room, but it was too late to change things, because trailer was already revealed with this mistake, and Valve decide to play cool just like everything was planned like this...

Valve, what was you thinking about when you was making Portal 2?
What was playtesters thinking about? There was no single guy rational guy at Valve studio who can notice these mistake and say "hey guys, Glados should be on parking above her pit, disconnected from wires. she could not be in pit! Correct this mistake!" ???
I cant believe this!

And what happened to elevators? How come tha elevators. which leads to same chambers we visited in Portal 1, changed so much? Is that a Vortimagic or something?
How Design of companion-cubes could be change if there is no one who can do it?

Since when entrance hall to GLaDOS room lost few simple doors, and grown one semi-automatic door?

This is really ruining Portal 2! I cant accept it as canonic sequel, because it do not match canons, it brakes canonic rules, it totally do not respect legacy and style of Portal 1.

Now time for little comparison of same places in Portal 1 and Portal, to prove its not a minor issue, but biggest mistake in game:

(unfortunately at the moment steam cloud dont want to show any screenshots to me, so ill add them later)
This is bad Valve, very very bad!

Portal 2 feels like Terminator 3 to Terminator 2 because of this!

What next Valve? How about turning Gordon Freeman into hot latino woman in HL3 ? How about turning Alyx into asian boy? ))
How about changing design or Vortigaunts 2nd time, giving them 4 more arms, 8 more eyes and remove legs? Funny? That exactly what you did with Portal 2, Valve!

What you guys think about that retcons and negligence of Valve? (buzz off trolls & Hammer Legion Members!)

Please keep this thread spoiler free, portal 1 and glados wakeup scene is not considered as spoilers however, everyone knows everything about that)

Upd: Ok cloud works now.

Now, blind guys tell me, how
This glados, we left at Parking in portal

could be this glados we met in portal 2?


Its obviosly great mistake Valve did!

How this wall in portal

could turn into this hall with door and stairs in portal 2


How this corridor we came from in Portal

could be this corridor with only 1 entrance

??? Where Did other rooms and doors go? How do we get in here in Portal 1 then, if there is no doors and corridors we came from?))

This is so annoying and frustrating and its a reason of endless cognitive dissonance, because whole game like this!!!

Im not saying that portal 2 is bad game, gameplay wise itsIts good game if you never played Portal, but its story simply ruined and its bad sequel because it poorely connected to original !

Thats what im trying to say, if you guys cant see this and eating this, im sorry for you, but some people dont like to eat every cheap thing, that Valve going to feed us.

You must admit, that Valve did sloppy job which makes Portal 2 sp, unfortunately, unnecessary sequel that ruins original((

Update 2:

Ok i see that 2 most popular irrational excuses for glados in pit instead of glados at parking are:
1) blah blah blah robots dragged back her pieces during 200 years.
2) blah blah balh she flew away to air and then, part of her dropped back into pit.

Lol, guys, i cant even believe how irrational you are, when you think like this! Both ideas completely wrong, here the proves

1) If you think that robots dragged her back during next 100-200 years, you probably never reed the official comic LAB RAT, because this comic have the same retcon and mistake as Portal 2 - GLADOS remained almost completely in her pit, when in Portal 1 we seen her body was completely removed from pit.

- so no guys, robots aint dragged her back, her body remained in pit after fight with Chell which already contradicts portal 1 ending.

But in same time comics contradicts itself and shows how negligent Valve became, because while body remained in pit, in same time comics shows parking with head and rest of glados body

Also pay attention to fact, that comics show original Glados design - http://media.steampowered.com/apps/p.../part1/p10.jpg
not the one we saw in Portal 2.

And in same time it shows silhouette that resembles shape of glados body in portal 2

So looks like Valve completely screwed story continium. Because we have now some kind of time-space paradox where 2 different bodies of glados exist in a same space at the same time (but different places).
So you still think thats ok? Or you simply trying to refuse this huge mistake of Valve to not worry yourself about it?

2) If you think that he massive body flew away and then dropped back into same pit, you probably know nothing about physics, have problems with eyes and never finished Portal 1 or have memory problem.
Look at same comics pages and look at this screenshot of Portal 1 ending
and this

you can see that head of glados and her entire body remained on surface, it was comletely cut off from any wires, it is not dropped back to pit, and even if we can for a second imagine that body of glados dropped back to pit (but keep in mind prove #1 that it remained in pit and surface in same time, lol) - there is no chance to be connected to power sources and remain alive, she was 100% destroyed!

Song Still Alive in the end of portal 1 was abstract, it was not sung in reality of Portal, because body of glados was completely TERMINATED. So you can just consider Portal 1 song as thoughs of glados remaining backup cores we seen near Cake - thats what remained of Glados in the end of Portal 1, but later Valve just did sloppy and cheap retcon for Portal 2, put her body back to pi, wired and almost intact.

If you cant see and understand that guys, im sorry for you, you are the reason why Valve so negligent, they just know the most of people and their clients are like you and will never notice these mistakes or will imagine pathetic irrational excuses, so that why they dont care to write a proper and rational way to re-introduce GLaDOS in Portal 2. And thats frustrating.

P.S. - And one more thing, for those lazy people who cant read or trolls - i dont hate Portal 2, i love coop and consider it awesome, i almost completely love gameplay of both single and coop (only thing i hate about gameply - it was dumbed down), what i dont like is only the dissapointing story of SP an negligence of Valve in story, artisctic and level design, which contradict portal 1.
Thats why i have game 7.5 of 10 instead of 10 of 10 (Portal 1 was 10 of 10 for me btw), because story and atmosphere was partially ruined by Valve negligence, and plot holes caused by cheap retcons and because there is no cake anymore))
Capiche, trolls?

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I never knew someone can lie so much.
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5 char
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You have no reason to rage, unless your computer was built out of paper.
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An Anarchyyt
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Originally Posted by v00d00man View Post
What you guys think about that mess?
I think that's the best word to describe this thread.
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Um, you put a big EP2 spoiler in there, then told us not to put in spoilers. Fix it, now.

They've made artistic license. Deal with it. Happens all the time in video games. This stuff is very, very, very minor.
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if you did not like Portal 2 i dont know whats wrong with you.
my bet is you set your hopes up for the best thing in history. wait it is..
hmm no clue why you did not like the game
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Originally Posted by v00d00man View Post
This is going to be thread of rage!
Sigh, so tired of these threads; you're not really bringing much more to the discussion, simply stirring people up. Had to make a new thread though, it's that important.

Okay, I'm out.
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this. thread. is. crap.
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I'm not even going to bother trying to explain to you how stupid you are.
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L1quid Ic3
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cool story bro.

EDIT: Way to ruin hl2 for me, jerk.

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So guys, about the mic problems in co-op.
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Mr. Richardson
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I figured it was obvious that the chambers that look like Portal 1 chambers were a separate testing track.

Now about the fact that GLaDoS isn't spread across a parking a lot...umm, spare parts? It's kind of implied that the facility had been running to a degree without GLaDoS. Maybe some of her spheres fixed her up some..oh hell I don't know how to explain that one.
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I found myself reading that in the voice of Captain Caveman for some reason.
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The OP makes me angry.

The answer to all your problems is yes, people have noticed, but no, nobody cares. No one said Valve got it right the first time with Portal 1.

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