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Changing Portal 2 Language

I have searched on the language options both in game an on the steam client and got no luck finding Portuguese. The store page says you can have this language so, how to configure the game to use it? Am I missing something?
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You need to switch the Steam client language itself to the desired language, and all Valve games that have been at least partially (eg. no voice, but menus/subtitles are translated) localized to the selected language will automatically use that from then on.

The other way is to use the "cc_lang" console command (open the console, type "cc_lang portugese" without the quotes and hit submit) to change the captioning language to a different one than that of the Steam client, but that doesn't affect the menus of the game (IIRC) and may or may not be persistent.

Portal 2 appears to have complete text localization (menus and subtitles) in Portugese.
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Damn, it was bad enough when GameCube developers started doing that...
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And how to change subtitles language only? because if I change language, voice and subs are always in the same language

I want play in V.O.S; I mean, with original english language and with subtitles in my natural language, how can I do it?
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The "cc_lang" console command should affect only the subtitle language.
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