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Ronimo Should Keep Building Their Game Post Release

1. Add the full Steamworks suite to your game. That means Steam Cloud too so that you can play your in-game profile on other computers.

2. Add new factions/nations for free. Take a good look at those who bought the game and imagine who else can later on be convinced to join the Swords & Soldiers player base. I just don't mean add visually different factions. Give us factions that play quite differently and force existing factions to play differently against them as well.

3. No matter how small an update, just know that every update of your game gives you constant presence to the Steam community. Don't just disappear. Be relevant.

"Oh yeah Swords & Soldiers. I think I'll get that game since I'm seeing them still adding and polishing their product years after releasing it."

Paid DLC are only for those who think that their game aren't worth buying old or thinking that every person on the planet and their dog already owns the game. Every update you give your game can not only add more content but also evolve it to something far greater than originally intended.

I loved playing this game. It's a perfect portable game for laptops where most AAA games cannot go. There's so much potential for side scrolling strategy games right now.
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Definitely needs a lot more advertising.

Steam sales! Dunno what your contract is with Steam or your situation with other online distribution companies, but maybe try selling on impulse, d2d, etc.

We need more players, and with the money you get from that you should start adding new factions and balancing the game.

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i would gladly pay for an expansion pack with additional units, spells and tribes. why does it have to be free?! the game is way too cheap, to ask for something like that..

but i really hope they wont abandon this game, since it has a lot of potential, to become even better. also 2v2 co-op would be really great.
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