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[Download] Portal 2 Music Files [Will need Winrar/7Zip]

Thought I would upload all of the music from the game.
(Note:the file names are originally named, So If you want to find a specific file your going to have to dig though them :]
(Sorry if someone already did this >.>)
(Also VALVe owns all of the Music presented.)

This download includes:

Single Player music
Co-op music
Mainscreen Music
Wheatlety's 'Classical' Music
Now I Only Want You Gone
Robots FTW
and any other sounds you might find

Link: http://www.4shared.com/file/d_nS-0ph...sic_file.html?

Enjoy. :]

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Can you please host it elsewhere? Don't feel like making a one-time account just to get one file.

Finally getting my hands on the download, this is the same thing you can find by accessing Portal 2's files. Kinda expected the contents of the zip to be sorted and named accordingly, instead of copy/pasted from pak01_dir.vpk.

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Somewhat inconvenient, but cool!
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