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JavaScript help

I'm trying to make a simple GreaseMonkey UserScript -- so simple, in fact, that I had wanted to make it as a Stylish UserStyle instead, but alas, the way the page in question is designed prohibits this approach.

At any rate, I only recently started teaching myself JavaScript -- then realized that most of my knowledge of HTML is over a decade old and decided I should brush up on that first.
I haven't quite gotten back to the actual JavaScript part of my studies yet, and basically all I know is document.write(""); and document.getElementById("").innerHTML="";, so I would appreciate it if anyone could help with the following.

Basically, what I need to do is search a page for ALL instances of a specific element with a specific attribute (eg: <div class="example">), which contains a specific string (eg: <a href="http://www.google.com/">), and then change the original element to have a different attribute (eg: <div class="example2">).

Shouldn't be too hard, I think. If I could use PHP it would just be a single preg_replace();.
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Do you mean this:

var n = searchString.indexOf(stringToSearchFor);
if (n >= 0) {
    searchString = searchString.substring(0, n) + replacementString + searchString.substring(n + stringToSearchFor.length);

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Yep, google tutorials and help for indexOf() - That will help you do what you need.
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