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Source Based Games - No Crosshair for Multi Monitor Gaming

This is an issue that dates back as far as or further back than Half Life 2.

In that era the problem did not receive much attention because the base of multi-monitor gamers was rather small compared to what it is now, and also there was a well known work around for HL2 by using the CM10 mod.

The problem has now come up again with the most recent game Portal 2 and I have seen it in Half Life Source since I just went to play that for the first time today. I'm sure the number of games effected is many more than just these, but the thing they all have in common is the source engine.

Let me elaborate on the issue.

When playing the game in a ultra wide resolution the crosshair used for aiming is gone. Depending on the game it makes things pretty hard (Portal 2 - Eh, HL1 - OMG Head CRABS). There has never been a fix, those that needed the crosshair had to play with a single monitor instead of enjoying surround gaming and the source engine works absolutely great with multi-monitor other than this one issue.

Surround gaming has grown tons in the last 2 years with AMD releasing Eyefinity, and Nvidia with the 3D Surround. Matrox still has there multi-monitor adapters, SoftTH is a software solution to do it as well so anybody can do this.

I wont go into how great surround is, just the fact that we have a well documented problem, and a lot of games & people effected so I think it's time we bring it up and get it officially acknowledged and hopefully patched.

Here are just a couple of threads that I dug up on google:

I have been on a quest for the last few days to find a work around like we did with HL2, experimenting with 3rd party crosshair overlay programs, and I have decided its not the proper way. I have read that many of these programs are recognized as cheats and can result in a ban. Nobody should risk themselves like that just to get a game properly working. I imagine since we have seen with the CM10 mod that a fix is possible in one way or another that a patch can be made to all source games effected to fix it up easy.

I do believe Left4Dead2 and TF2 both have the crosshair, so its just something that needs to be tweaked.

Thank You for the support and I hope we get somewhere with this.
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Time to nut up or shut up. The Pro-est of the Pro don't need a Crosshair, they blink and get head shots. TRAIN YOUNG PADAWON. TRAIN YOUR POWER OF THE HEADSHOT! You too may be pro, one day.
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