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Thanks, Co-op Bugs, feature requests, thanks

First of all, what a wonderful game I local co-op'd this game with a friend, and it was a blast.

We noticed a couple of bugs with co-op.

1. Sometimes it seems like friendly fire is on, and then not. Not sure what was going on there, but I seemed to be able to shoot my teammate (accidentally of course!!), and then a few seconds later, the bullets whizzed past.

2. If player 1 dies, player 2 can leave the camera area and not have the camera track them. This is especially annoying if no one has any extra lives and therefore the dead player 1 does not respawn. We also noticed that player 2 cannot set off tooltips, mission ends, etc.

Feature requests (pretty please)

1. Crosshair colour to match the visor colour in co-op.
2. The ability to re-map gamepad keys. I suck at not making my character jump with the analog stick. If we could map or clear buttons for the gamepad/kbrd/mouse that would be awesome.
3. Maybe some sort of aiming sensitivity for gamepad? It just seemed really quite difficult to aim nicely!

Anyway, thanks again for an awesome game. Pretty visually and musically (<3 solar fields, good choice), keep it up!

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