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Trying to get Jedi Knight Enhanced to work


I'm trying to get this nice mod to work, but steam is throwing a hissy fit.

Any ideas?
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I'm playing this nice modification with an program called "JKLauncher".
You can get it on JKHub.
I uploaded some days ago a tutorial on youtube how to play this mod with the steamversion.

Unfortunately the video is in german and the "how add jk enhanced" is at the end of the video.
I hope you unterstand how to install it, if not ask me.
Here the german video:

Here a Step-by-Step-Guide:

1. Download JKLauncher @ JKHub.net:
Choose there the 2009-Version, its called as "JKLauncher_2009-08-09-1830_install.exe"
Here is a tutorial for this launcher:

2. Now download Jedi Knight: Enhaced here:
If you want better textures, than download this here too:
The texturepack is called "jkr.zip" from 2009-03-09 08:39:59

3. After installing correctly JKLauncher and bind the games with it (look at the video above), than you are able to choose mods for JK or MotS. The location/datapath of the *.gob-Files can be everywhere. Look at the video how I managed that with the mods and especially with JKE.

If there are any question, please ask me, maybe I can help.
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I play this mod simply by adding a launch option to my JK shortcut.

1. Create a folder inside of your JK folder called "Mods"
2. Create a 2nd folder INSIDE of the Mods folder called "inactive"
3. Add the following launch option to your JK shortcut:
-path Mods

Now any GOB files that are in your "Mods" folder will be used! You can store any GOBs that you don't want to be used in your "inactive" folder.
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