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Tyrant vs Tank
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Cold Stream Version 2 Impressions

Map 1

Much better, more scenic. Added crescendo is a good thing. Maybe add more to the time it takes to open. Overall I like this version of Map 1 though I think the the weapon spawns should be one variation of the UZI, one variation of the shotgun and just the 1 hunting rifle later on. So initially two survivors will still have no primary weapon.

Side Note - I didn't notice yet with version 2 but with version 1 I never once saw the Silenced Uzi or the Chrome shotty spawn in. I hope you add them in if otherwise.

Map 2

Seems smoother, no complaints. Crescendo seems unskippable now which is also a good thing.

Map 3

I like the alternate route but I feel even without the added goodies. Its too easy a route to take. I feel like this could be solved by forcing the survivors to continue on the bridge as an alternate route and then coming down around the car dump area after the ammo/weapons and before the saferoom.

This would require you to remove the slow motion crescendo and instead add an alternate crescendo for the rest of the bridge if taken but I think it could work.

Map 4

Seems smoother but since change is inevitable, I'm open to see what happens.
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