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Mount & Blade vs. Warband?

I really enjoy Warband, surprisingly good game this!

I was wondering, the original Mount & Blade title, is it worth a buy too? I mean what is the difference between these 2 titles apart from the multiplayer function?

The latest Swords and guns ow whats its called isnt for me though, the gun bit is really not my fancy, as i prefer the pre-gun era.

Also i tried a few mods but they are too overworked i should say, allthough if there is an "core-fixes" mod like in the baldurs gate series, let me know!

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No it isnt worth it. Warband is just the same game as mount and blade, but with all around improvements.

Warband adds:

Desert landscape
Extra faction based on Arabic Culture
Improved Dialogue
Modified Combat system to make battle more deadly
Changed the map to look slightly more realistic

etcetc im sure others can add to this.

Dont bother with Mount and Blade original if you have warband.
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The Original mount and blade is OK but you will miss the options you are used to in Warband. I play every now and again. I like the guns in WFnS but I have been playing the Mods that did a better job with guns so its been anti climatic for me.

One mod I can say is fun is Prophesy of Pendor, They nerf the bows a bit and make crossbows better, but its negligible. I still own with a bow and enjoy the chase on horse back.

Im currently messing about in WFnS but not sold on the era as much. learning the way the game mechanics are geared to be best effective.
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Its worth it if you want to show your support for the Devs.
Warband is bascily the original game but with better graphics, a new faction + better gameplay.
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