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[spoiler] How to kill... (name inside)?

Letho! How to kill that bastard?
I tried everyting and I can't even hurt him :E Any ideas?
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I'm in the same predicement. I love how the cutscene ends and he already strikes me isntantly for 0-50% damage. My blows do like 1% damage on him (even without the magic shield), he does 25-50%. I die in 2 seconds.
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Is this when you fight him on flotsam or later? I just had to keep throwing that trap sign on the ground and power hitting him in the back. It doesn't let me kill him though it goes to a cutscene. Just got him to half health and then it automatically makes you lose.
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This fight depends heavily on how you've prepared and what you have equipped. If you have throwing knives (you should he high enough of a level to have unlocked them) they do something like 60-80 pts of damage per dagger. Throw enough at him (or bombs) and he'll drop. If you don't have anything to throw at him, use the immobilize sign (the second one). That should pin him long enough to get some hits in. Also don't forget to apply quen to yourself (the shield).

Long story short, don't try to go toe to toe with him. If you can take him out from a distance, do it. If not, make sure you've stunned him first.
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Took me a bunch of times too. basically you want to run around with Quen + Yrden + Aard. Use Quen when he's chasing you and you need to get away. Grab him with Yrden / Aard when his shield is down and harss him with 2-3 right clicks, then back off and repeat. You basically want to not get hit, and whittle him down.
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In first fight?
You can do that in 2 ways.
Hard hit, hard hit, roll out (fast, best way back) then fast roll in hard hit, hard hit, roll out - and so on until cut-scene.

Other mash attack button crossed with shield spell - 20% for success :P

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When facing Letho I got hopelessly owned many times (playing on hard) then I discovered his one weakness is the Yrden sign. Have to keep dodging and rolling casting Yrden until he gets stuck on it (he doesn't every time) and when he does you need to get behind him and spam 3-4 powerful strikes... rinse and repeat until cutscene which is about 40% health I think.
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I was getting owned by this guy a lot, using Quen often to reduce the damage he did to me, but being unable to hit him much myself.

Here's how I did this:

Oil on blade: either Farkas' or Hanged Man, for + max dmg or + dmg to humans (assuming he counts as human...)

Swallow (+ vit regen)
Tawny Owl (+ vigor regen, important!)
Rook (+dmg)

Useful abilities: +1 vigor (up to a max of 3), levelled up from the +vigor in combat ability.


The big picture: Run away when his Quen is up, stunlock with Aard and strong blows while its down. Kill him quickly and efficiently.

If Letho has Quen activated: run around trying to avoid damage. Do not Quen yourself, you need the vigor for later. Eventually his Quen will burn out (this happens way faster than you'd expect it to). Do not hit him during this phase because he will reflect damage back at you.

If Letho's Quen shield has dissipated: Time to go on the offensive. Hit him with Aard at medium range, then run in and do one or two strong blows. You will not really be able to get more than two off before he parries and counter-attacks. Don't let that happen.

Immediately follow up with another dose of Aard. Repeat as much as you can. (This is why saving vigor/having tawny owl out is important). I found with the +vigor in combat, combined with tawny owl, I was able to get off about 5-6 of these cycles at once before he'd Quen again or I'd run out of vigor.

If you do this about 3-4 times you will win the battle. Note that his health does not need to be fully depleted, only brought to about 1/3 or so.
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An easy way I managed to fight him without being hit once,

using solely aard

First star off by rolling around him a lot, keeping distance, until he begins his combo that will hit nothing but the air, try to get behind him, then you can hit him 1-2 with a rightclick.

After hitting always roll away for he will aard you, or throw bombs, always stay moving.

If you have enough vigor, aard him and you can get 2-3 right click combos into him. Try to aard him before he quens.

Rinse and repeat.

The second time to beat him I simply chose the easiest route by letting him live and not fighting. 8)
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On hard I just used AARD, a handful of bombs and 100% dodge distance.

Just draw his attacks dodge around behind him:

Heavy,Heavy, AARD, Heavy, light, AARD, Heavy, Light, dodge away, bomb, dodge his bombs/spells THEN repeat.

I used random potions and Hang man poison.
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