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Lightbulb Suggestions to improve Altitude for creator (gameplay and community)

Haven't played it in a while, but I have over 166 hours overall played, its a pretty addicting game, but after a while it kinda runs out of steam because you don't really have anything to play for after playing so long. A few things I would like to see:

1) Better rewards for playing a long period of time. I mean you can Ace up and redo stuff all over again with a new badge, but that's all? It would be nice if you aced up, you unlocked something new gameplay wise, like a new ability or new plane. I'm sure you would worry about knocking the game out of balance and all that with a new plane or ability that is overpowered, but having servers that allow it and don't would be nice. Or make it a rare limited use thing, to make it novel. As of right now, you can't even get new skins through long playtime.

2) Include rare items in the game, or rewards in game that might pop up randomly, like the shield. Including some randomly added unlockable items, or just random items for use in play would spice things up a bit ALA Smash Bros or something. And again, if it knocks things out of whack too much, you could have a regular and a "special" server.

3) To get people to join, you could have a free weekend or two in the future, although I'm not sure how much that's chosen by Valve on when and what is run. But outside of the short burst, more incentive to play longer and play more often by some sort of ranking or contest with a reward may keep people playing. Just even offering a free game on Steam or something for new players who level up quickest would be a nice incentive to keep people going.

Just my thoughts, great game, as I've played a ton of it - it might be time for a full blown expansion or additions to spice things up a bit, and those are a few of my ideas on how to do it. I'm not a big time PC player, but I think you guys game is probably the closest thing an indie title has ever got to being Niintendo esque multiplayer wise. Reminds me of some old school Smash Bros or Mario Kart wars each time I play. Keep up the good work.
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A new and interesting game mode? That would make me play more.
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