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The 3D rendering engine could not be initialized

Keep getting that error when I try and run the game. Can't find any settings/support on it, Syberia 2 loads/runs ok, just the original Syberia seems to have this problem. Compatability flags etc in win7 don't seem to help at all. Tried running the dx9 installer present in the folder but it just pops out saying a new version is found.

This is on an i7, 64 bit win7, nvidia 570 with current drivers.
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I *just* bought this on GOG so I'm not sure if it's the same version, but I had this same problem. For some reason, if you run your desktop at higher than some resolution, it breaks the game engine when you try to launch it. So I just lowered my desktop resolution a little bit and it worked fine.

Hope this helps!
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that fixed it

Lowered my resolution from native (2560x1440) to a number of different resolutions and it looks like it doesn't like any width > 1920

Set anything 1920x1440 or lower and it ran fine, so the vertical it doesn't seem to care about, but any width wider than 1920 and it throws that error.

Tried a hunch, and flagged the game.exe into compatability mode and force 640x480, and sure enough it started up and ran just fine, and didn't require me to keep changing my desktop resolution just to play, not a problem since it only renders at 640x480 anyway so if anyone else has this issue, that seems to be the fix, just force vga resolution in compatability mode and save it
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FYI... I have native 1920x1200 and when the game runs it sets 800x600.
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Yeah, this isn't about what the game is running at, but rather an FYI how to get the game to run at all on systems with higher end 27-30" monitors, as there seems to be some kind of problem 'setting' the graphics mode in the game engine if you have a very high desktop resolution. If you don't force vga in the compatibility settings, the game will just repeatedly crash on load.
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