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Angry Singularity is not saving

I've played through the beginning twice now, second run I've gotten to the point where you rescue the scientist. Now when I leave there is no option to save, there is no auto-save where it takes me back to that point once I leave. Now that I've left I have to start a new game again in order to get to that point.

That's the main big issue I'm having.

My second main issue is that if I die or if I go back to a previous check point, my TMD does not function anymore (cannot age or unage things, pressing Q or pad 5 does nothing, melee attack is with a knife only), also all my ammo is gone. So imagine to my surprise when the scientist ask me to kill the 2 guards and I have no ammo, just run up and slice them up with the knife. Then I can't get past the safe because I cannot age the save (tmd doesn't work properly) The energy is full but I just can't age anything after going through the 1st singularity.

Anyone know about this issue?
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Seems we had the same problem. Here's how I fixed it: the game doesn't like the user profile / documents folder to be altered to a different directory like I did. So I just created a new user profile which I left at the original location. Using this profile, the game runs perfectly. The savegames are working now and if you have to reload a checkpoint, you won't lose all your ammo.

I hope this works for you too...
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This also bit me, since I have My Documents redirected to its own separate HDD. I figured out a solution that is much easier than creating a new profile (which isn't at all feasible for most people, especially me).

In my case, My Documents is pointed at L:\. The entire root folder of the drive is My Documents, so when the software queries the Windows API for the path to My Documents, L:\ is returned. For some reason, Singularity (and at least one other game I've played), choke on this instead of just using it as-is.

So like with the other game this happened with, I ran Process Monitor from SysInternals and tracked what it was trying to do with save games. Since it choked on creating the save game structure on install (or startup, or whenever) at L:\Singularity, it was failing to write the save games to L:\Singularity\RvGame\SaveData. I simply created that folder structure manually, and it was able to write its save games from then on.

So, wherever your My Documents is, create the <My Documents>\Singularity\RvGame\SaveData folder. Then as soon as you land on the island, it should create your save game in that folder and you're good. Try it before spending 3 hours like I did getting to the point where you're trying to get to the saved scientist's tower before you realize your games aren't saving...


This is the 2nd game I've had this happen with (IIRC the other one was the last Silent Hill game), and it really annoys me that game developers can't support a non-standard My Documents location -- Windows allows you to redirect it, and it's not that hard to recognize and use (I'm a developer myself). If you get back a My Documents path of L:\, that's a valid path, so just use it! If I had to guess, they're expecting the returned path to contain the string "My Documents" and silently failing to create the SaveGame folder if it doesn't.

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I kinda got same problem... Game doesn't sve (wtf), I just wasted like 8 hours in one run when I first played it, and then all this was just gone!!
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