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Cool Tip if SR2 crashes on start up (a fix)

So the other day I tried starting Saints Row 2 to have the game crash. I would get a white screen and an error message would appear behind it.

The problem, my computer's main monitor when I live on college campus is a 32" HDTV that runs at 1920 x 1080, so did Saints Row 2. But when I moved home for the summer I can't use the TV and must use my 20" monitor which I can only run at 1680 x 1050.

Well while reading the forums I found a post talking about the settings.dat file (located at C:\Users\[profile name]\AppData\Local\THQ\Saints Row 2\settings.dat) can be the fix for issues. By deleting this file it reverted all my display settings back and the game now works.

I assume this was the fix, it's sad the game crashes because of a resolution error, most games are good about just changing down to whatever the screen is then. Hopefully SR3 will be ported to the PC better then SR2
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