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Can't Play TDU2 try this fix

Okay I can't promise this will work but I have noticed people have been having issues were they can't play, I had the issue awhile back and found an interesting fix.

From the steam browser, right click the TDU2 game and select properties (again this is in the steam game list).
  • Next go to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity of Game Cache
  • After that you might get that yes, no message that pops up similar to everytime you start TDU2, if so click yes.
  • You will see something after that, that will include the words Revoke License, click the exit button, then steam will go do its thing.
  • Once that has finished try running the game again, if it still doesn't work close the game down and run it again, it will then update again. A weird fix but sometimes it works. (Also you can verify the cache, run the game, then verify again, then run the game again)

Hopefully this helps some people, TDU 2 is a really bad game and Steam doesn't work well with it better. I love how they advertised the Screenshot function with TDU 2 yet my screenshots keep showing up under an unknown game
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For me,I just removed the web-cam and solved all my problems
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Just got and installed TDU2 via Steam.
For the last couple of hours I was just getting the launcher with an infinite message of "Checking Files. Please Wait". All connections were green, but no matter how long I waited, it just stayed at that message and I was unable to play the game (Clicking the Play button did nothing).

Tried relaunched Steam. Restarting the computer. Validating files. Etc... All with same results. Launcher stayed stuck at "Checking files." message, and clicking on the Play button did nothing.

So, on a haunch, I decided to try something else.. from where I have the TDU2 game installed, I right-clicked on the UpLauncher.exe file, Properties, Compatibility and I selected "Windows 2000" mode (BTW, my OS is Windows XP home-edition, 32 bit).

Anyways, this time when launching the game via the Steam client, I get the message, "An error occurred while downloading files.
Please check your Internet connection and restart the update.
If the problem persists, contact Atari technical support.
[ERROR #01]", and an option to "Retry" or "Cancel". Retry didn't do anything except give the same message, so I click the "Cancel" button.

After that, I'm now able to click on the "Play" button, though I get a message of, "Unable to update the game.
You won't be able to play the game online.
If you create an offline profile and update the game later you won't be able to play online with this profile.
Do you want to play offline?" and "Yes" or "No".

So, I click on the "Yes", and voila, the game finally starts for me
(though the first doing this, I had to enter in my key-code to register, but it worked okay, and upon exiting and playing the game again, I didn't get asked again to enter my key-code).

Though, I'm only able to play in Single-Player mode this way (but I'm not much of an online player for games anyways), so though it's not the best-solution, at least it's a work-around that works for me.

I do plan on hopefully getting a better computer system, and with Win7, when I can afford, but in the meantime I have to make due with this old computer of mine and with XP.

Anyways, thought I'd pass along this info to you guys in case it may be of help to some of you out there that were having similar problems of not being able to Play the game.

Good luck!

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