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Black Ops Error - Win Improper Quit Body

Hey guys,

I just installed Black Ops through steam on my mates computer and he is getting this error message?

I click it to start and it comes up with WIN_IMPROPER_QUIT_BODY
with the options Yes No and Cancel.

When I click one of them, another error comes up saying Exe_cannot_find_zone

Any ideas?

Been googling and people say do an integrity check, all that does is result in downloading a 8.2MB file each time and it fixes nothing.

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White Castle
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Hmm, bought a Russian key, ehy?

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I get exactly the same message and I DON'T have a Russian key. Been playing the multiplayer for months, and now getting exactly the same messages as Groovay. Steam support have now given up on me and told my to contact the publishers. This is a Steam problem, so what do I do now????
Have uninstalled and re-installed the game.
Thanks for any help.
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Same here, NO russian key, and this error popped up unexpectedly

the last time that BlackOps crapped on me I managed to dig up the error thanks to process monitor ( http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/s...rnals/bb896645 ), but this time I may not be so lucky :/

definitely NOT AMUSED by the quality of the binaries churned out by Treyarch
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Activision Assist
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I suggest that you verify the Integrity of the Game files. I've included a link below.


Let us know what happens.

Activision Assist

Customer Support
Activision Inc.

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If the verify of the integrity does not work, try this. Sometimes, the local Steam .ncf files can become "confused" (for lack of a better way to put it) after a language switch or a patch. I recommend the following:

Go into your C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops folder and delete any file or folder, i.e. - BlackOpsMP.exe or the \main\ folder.

After that is done, verify the integrity of your local cache.

By deleting the file and THEN verifying, it will prompt steam to rebuild your local .ncf file (which contains the local storage information for the game) and will re-download the most current files, as well as the file or folder that had just been deleted.

Hope this helps
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