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APOX Problems

Ok so over all I like the game but I have found a few issues with it. First when loading a game it will "flash" to your desktop for a few seconds then go back to the game showing the load screen. Second, in mission 3 of the DLC, when you pick up the metalium you get an error about a bad audio file for Selina. Lastly and this one is just uncalled for, there is no load game button in the DLC in-game menu. What was BlueGiant Interactive thinking? Right now the only way I can load a game is to quit the game completely, reload, and then load the save game from the main DLC menu. That my friend is crazy. As a fellow programmer, I know the rules of programming. One is that you ARE the make your program USER FRIENDLY. If BlueGiant can fix the three problems I have found, the DLC and the game will be better off. So please BlueGiant get to it.

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Here I am posting six months later to announce that they don't appear to have been fixed.
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