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Lord Blade
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The main thing that I HATE about this game...

Every time you die... it FORCES you add a health up to your power up list.

Why? WHY?!?!

Health has never helped me in any way!
The "win the game" ability is range. Always. Because if you can shoot them before they can shoot you... you win.

I die, and get stuck with health. Now I have to try and find a powerup (hopefully range) to replace it.

You should just be left with whatever powerups you had in the first place (for that level).

I have three range powerups. I'm kicking booty.
I screw up (it happens).

Now I'm dropped back a level, and one of my range powerups is now a useless life one. So I've lost a chunk of range, and getting back to where I was becomes all the harder.

Leave my powerups as they were.
It's really starting to tick me off.
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Old 05-30-2011, 05:30 AM   #2
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You have to be the luckiest player in the world if the range power-up is a big deal for you, cause I avoid it like the plague. Too many twisty paths, corners, and range simply mutes all strategy on a regular basis. When you're surrounded by level 20-25 power-ups, you're gonna grab that heart buddy, trust me.
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Disagreeing with both of you, partly.

<SNIP>The author said basically what I said here, but with more detail, in another thread.<SNIP> One of those design decisions that some people are okay with, and some people go bat%$@! darkrage over, I guess.

That being said, range can be part of a balanced strategy. I usually have range+heatseek or range+bounce, which gets around the twisty-passage problem fairly well. (A few levels of heatseek and a little practice lets you aim around corners. )

It's a reasonable tradeoff either way - no health, max firepower, and play to never get hit; or health, less firepower, and play to not get hit too much.

Last edited by HaloInverse: 06-02-2011 at 01:20 AM. Reason: Redundant statement regarding play balance.
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Different players are going to have different strategies and tactics that play to their individual strengths and weaknesses.

While getting one of my power-ups replaced by health really screws me over sometimes, it's probably the best one to fall back to.
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