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Cool [SOLUTION] GTA IV Not starting up/Launching from Steam

Hey guys,

I read alot on various pages on the internet about many people not being able to start GTA IV when they launch it from Steam. I was one of them.

I was consistently getting the error message "GTAIV.exe Application Failed to Launch." Checking eventviewer in Control Panel let me find out it was a problem with Games for Windows - LIVE!

"Faulting application gtaiv.exe, version, faulting module xlive.dll, version, fault address 0x00blahblahblah."

So how did I solve this problem? How did I get GTAIV to work again?

Step 1) Reinstall
I know this sounds silly but this is the first step to fixing your problems. Completely delete your game from steam and redownload all files.

Step 2) Verify game cache
After you download the game, make sure every single bit is downloaded properly by verifying the game cache. You can also defrag it for enhanced disk performance if you'd like.

Step 3) Download Games for Windows - LIVE
Go here:
And download gfwlivesetup.exe

Step 4) Install Games for Windows - LIVE
Nobody likes this junk on their computer, but trust me--GTA IV will not freakin' work without this done properly. Install it completely.

Step 5) [WINDOWS XP ONLY] Installing Hotfix
If you are running XP, it will prompt you to download a hotfix WindowsXP-KB938759-x86-ENU.exe in order to download larger file sizes. Install it, then reboot your computer to initialize it.

Step 6) Reboot
If you havent rebooted yet (after your installation of the Games for Windows - Live) do it.

Step 7) Launch Games for Windows
Launch the executable and go to the login page ONLY. Do not actually login at all.

The reason for not loginning in is because it hogs alot of system resources when you do. It will take up to 1.3 GB of RAM with this program set to idle. I seriously want to punch whoever made this program in the face, it's ridiculously inefficient.

Step 8) Launch GTA IV
Launch the game, set Rockstar Social Club to offline (online works but to save resources offline is proffered). BUT DONT ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME YET, GO TO THE MAIN MENU AND PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP.


Step 9) Auto-connect to Games for Windows - Live
When you are at the main menu screen at GTA IV, you should be auto connected to your Games for Windows - Live account. You can verify this by pressing the "HOME" button on your keyboard. Yeah, it's like the most useless ing button ever. Just press it and you'll see LIVE come up.

Step 10) Minimize GTAIV and turn off Games for Windows - Live
Just press the X on the screen, don't actually go into Task Manager and stop the process. Things might get screwy (I got several BSOD when I tried maximizing GTA IV after this)

Step 11) Maximize GTAIV and load a save point
Cross your fingers while the pop music loads various characters on the screen. If you did it correctly, you should be playing GTAIV with no problems at all.

If this guide worked for you, please let me know.


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Still not working.
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