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computer crash

yes i know i made one but this is sort of better than adding it on to other one.
This issue occurs when an attached USB device resumes from the USB Selective Suspend state, and the USB hub incorrectly reports that the device is disconnected from the USB hub port. This incorrect status report may be caused by a hardware error in the USB hub or in the attached USB device. Then, the Microsoft USB hub driver (Usbhub.sys) incorrectly tries to obtain a spinlock that has already been obtained in the same thread. This causes a kernel-mode deadlock. Therefore, the computer stops responding.

thats the cause of crash

how fix it ?
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In the bios there should be some wake on lan, usb, mouse, etc. Turn off everything except for mouse/keyboard and ensure you have the proper pagefile setup.

I had an issue with a specific usb hub when I moved from xp to win7, essentially when using the hub, BSOD. No way to fix it, just an incompatable device. So, if the above bios settings have no effect, I will assume that it is just an uncompatable device.
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ok i will see if this works and then edit this if it does or not

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