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Post New public server, Hole to the Underworld

I decided to make a server for any newish players that are having trouble get to the Underworld. I have a small spawn point shack set up, and I want everyone to have fun and add to the spawn point as they please.

There is a giant hole to the right of spawn that leads to the Underworld. It's pitch black down there, so be careful. I haven't taken anything from the cave, except for some obsidian so I can make the skulls. In the chest at spawn there are a few obsidian skulls and a few other useful things. If you see anything in there, feel free to take it. Only take one obsidian skull though. Other people want to be able to explore the Underworld too you know.

If you want, I can escort you down there and try my best to protect you. Be sure to have a Lucky Horseshoe or something when you jump, you WILL die if you don't try to negate fall damage in some way.

Sorry for the wall of text, but here's the server info and hamachi info.

Hamachi Network: mushy killer
Hamachi Pass: spuf

Server ip:
Server pass: spuf

I might have to go soon, but I will try to leave the server up

OH WAIT. The rules....

1. Don't blow up others property

2. Don't abuse dynamite

3. Have fun


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This should go in the sticky.
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