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Ethan Hunt
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Red face Voice chat still not working.

I've heard some people that their voice chat works in online games. Even after an update that was almost the size of the game I can still not hear anyone talking online, or use my microphone.

I see people talking (the chat bubbles) in game, not often, but I see them; so I assume people must be talking.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas that may have fixed your voice chat? I've reinstalled, verified game cache, and opened my voice options via Xboxlive.com, (pretty sure anyway, guess I could have missed something.) My voice works both ways in every other game I own.

If I'm not the only one having this issue, maybe it's one of the reasons this game has such a small group of players. Without voice, I might as well be playing with bots.

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Have you got your mic setup properly in the GFWL interface ingame?
Press the "Home" key then go to Settings->Voice.
Make sure that you have selected the correct output\input devices.
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