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verify integrity game cache

i have fallout NV for steam

When I go to verify the game cache it tells me 1 files failed to validate and will be reaquird what is the reasoning behind this?

And will this mess with my game later on?

Also another added question to my main one is this.

I notice that sometimes Fallout NV will crash right at launch and i end up having to start it several times before I get in only for my save game to get stuck on a load screen in which I have to ctrl alt delete to get to task manager.

so my question there is, anyone else having this issue?
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Issue 1: Sometimes files get corrupted or just fail to download the first time, or whatever. Failing validation simply means the file will be redownloaded. Generally, if you're having issues in a game (fps suddenly dropping, random crashes, etc) it's a good idea to validate.

Issue 2: I had this also, and found no fix... the only way was to just launch the exe directly from the steamapps folder, instead of using the launcher. Once you set your settings, you don't need it anyways!

Good luck and happy gaming.
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yep one file always fails and this seems common after doing a little researching.
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