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Custom Settings For Camera Pitch And\Or Height ?


Firstly let me say that I bought the game last night and so far I am enjoying it. For starters it was a nice change to be able to be up and running with my purchase in a very short space of time - the game only being around 450 MB in size to download. In my opinion it is defintely worth the asking price, no doubt about it.

As the title of my post would indicate I am wondering if it's possible to either customise the pitch of the camera to below the minimum of 75 so that the viewing distance is increased or perhaps raise the height of the camera to do the same? Could a config file be tweaked somewhere or one written from scratch to do this?

As it is I find that the need to shoot off-screen enemies is detracting slightly from my overall enjoyment of the game and this could be overcome by customising the camera a bit further than that which is available in game.

Thanks for reading...
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Thank you. We are glad that you enjoying the game

There is unlockable Chase Cam in the game. You have to beat both episodes to unlock it. Q key is there to switch between cameras. In multiplayer however, it's unlocked.

The damage off screen is 0 (few inches off screen), so it shouldn't be much of an issue.
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