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Apparently playing multiple games at once

So earlier today I was playing Total War Shogun 2 for about most of the day. A friend of mine wanted to play SpecOps on Modern Warfare 2. Before we started he noticed I was still playing Shogun 2 even though I was playing MW2. I opened the task manager and noticed that Shogun 2 was still running in the processes. I ended it and reopened MW2. After we finished I exited out completely when my friend noticed that I was still in-game, but not Shogun 2 or MW2 but in Portal 2. I checked task manager for Portal 2 and nothing Portal 2 related was there. I started Portal 2 and closed it and it said I was Online.

Any clue what happened?
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i dont know probably steam being slow
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That seems a bit strange. Steam only allows you to run one Steam-associated game at any time. It could be something to do with your computer, especially if the programs aren't closing properly.

Reboot your computer and see if that does anything, also do a virus scan just in case.
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