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Playing Shogun 2 without an internet connection

Ok so here is the deal I downloaded Shogun 2 directly from Steam, which took forever since I am in Vietnam. While waiting my 4 full days for the download I am now trying to play the game, but every time I start it up from the desktop icon it logs into my Steam account and requires an internet connection to start and play the game. This is highly annoying for me as I am not always near an internet wifi when I want to play, and new to the online download system. How can I play without an internet connection?
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Jackal Turner
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Well I dont know if Shogun 2 requires an internet connection itself(Im always connected, so Ive never had that situation), but for Steam you can switch it to offline mode. Start it up, even if you arent connected to the internet, and if you arent it will ask if you want to switch to offline mode. If you are connected it will sign you in, just click Steam in the upper left and click "Go Offline..." This will put Steam in Offline mode. Im pretty sure this disables achievements and stuff though, but you should be able to play the game no problem.
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as Jackal T said - go offline but there will be no achievements and no access to Steam Cloud ... my mate is playing that way at work where he has no network
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Col. Hamilton
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Yeah I can confirm the offline mode works, not sure for how long though because doesnt steam have to update periodically
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