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i forgot my email

well im talking in diffrent account because my brother forgeten his email i know the ID and password but the problem when i try to log in (my new laptop) it says that im using now in a new PC so i need to do somthin in email and i dont remember the email so please help me in one of these

1.tell me how to get my email back

2. if i have to contact them please send me the link im tired of looking in thier site i dont know where to send them a message /contact a CSR
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Article on reclaiming "lost account".
But I guess all you need to ask them is to change the email tied to the account.

To contact support, you must have a support account. It`s sepperate from your games account.
So if you don`t have one yet, make a new one. With that you can open a support ticket.

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Right here:

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