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Question A.V.A Frequently Asked Questions!

Getting Started:

How do I download A.V.A?

1. Launch Steam and login.
2. Go to the ‘Store’ and search ‘Alliance of Valiant Arms’.
3. Download Alliance of Valiant Arms for free and launch through Steam.

What are the minimum system requirements for A.V.A?

Minimum Requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4: 2.4 GHz
Graphics Card: GeForce 6600
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Direct X: Direct X 9.0C

Recommended Requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4: 3.0 GHz
Graphics Card: GeForce 7600GT
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Direct X: Direct X 9.0C

Will my graphics card run A.V.A?

In order to run A.V.A properly your graphics card must meet the specifications of the GeForce 6600. Furthermore, if your graphics card does not support Shader Model 2 or is an Intel integrated graphics card, you may not be able to run A.V.A.

What regions are blocked from A.V.A?

The following regions are NOT blocked.

United States of America
Czech Republic
Serbia & Montenegro
United Kingdom

After I finished downloading A.V.A, I received a message asking if I wanted to download Xfire. Do I need to install it?

Installation of Xfire is optional. Xfire is a program for gamers to communicate with one another through an in-game supported voice and chat system. Xfire is bundled with A.V.A for your convenience and is not required to play A.V.A.

When creating my account, I think it said something about getting a free item. How can I get it?

In order to receive your free A.V.A item, you need to verify the e-mail you entered when registering your account. Log into the e-mail that you provided and you will see an e-mail from us with instructions on how you can redeem your free item.

I created an ijji.com account on my Steam account and logged in. I then tried to login with another ijji.com account but couldn’t. What happened?

You are only allowed 1 ijji.com account per Steam account. In other words, once you login with 1 ijji.com account, you can only play with that account on that Steam account.

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Game Related:

I'm new to A.V.A. Is there a place where I can find more information about the game?

You can find the Beginner Guide on the A.V.A home page which will introduce you to the in-game interface, character movements, weapons, maps and modes, controls, achievements, etc. (http://ava.ijji.com/guide.nhn?m=gettingready).

I just created a new character but I can't find any games to play in.

To see the list of games, you must first join a channel. We suggest joining the Beginner Channel as playing in these channels will give you experience bonuses at the end of the game.

My character is currently set to a specific class but I want to change it. How can I change it?

You can change your class by pressing the F1 key for Pointman, F2 key for Rifleman and F3 key for Sniper. However, please keep in mind that there are class specific game modes where you won't be able to change your class before or in the game. We suggest doing tutorial in-game as it will teach you about the different uses for each class. You will also be rewarded after completing the tutorial.

How come I can't find some of the maps or modes listed on the A.V.A website?

We have limited the maps and modes in the Beginner Channels to help new players adapt to A.V.A's gameplay. If you believe you're ready to play in more maps with higher ranked players, you may join the Free Channel at any time.

Are there any missions in A.V.A? And what do I get for doing them?

Yes, there are Beginner Missions and Daily Missions that are updated on a daily basis. By completing these missions, you can receive various rewards such as in-game Euros, Supply Points, and equipment for your character as well. To view your current missions, first join a channel and click on the paper icon with an exclamation mark under your character.

Are there any skills or achievements in A.V.A?

Yes, there are class specific skills, medals, badges, ribbons, and achievements you can unlock by completing various tasks. To see your progress in unlocking these features, first join a channel and click the 'My Info' button under your character.

What are the different achievable ranks in A.V.A?

The list of ranks you can achieve can be found by clicking the following link: http://ava.ijji.com/guide.nhn?m=levels

How do I add a friend in-game?

In A.V.A there are two ways to add a friend to your buddy list. If you are in the same lobby as your friend, right-clicking on their name will bring up a menu. By clicking on the “Add Buddy” button will send a friend request to that player. If you are not in the same lobby, then to add your friend you will need to know their character name. Once you know their name, you will need to type in the following command: /f a <friend name> Just replace the <friend name> with the name of the friend you wish to add.

Are there any chat commands in A.V.A?

The following commands can be used in A.V.A by typing them in-game in the chat menu.

/cls - Pushes the chat in the chat window higher. Using this multiple times will clear the chat box.
/r message - Automatically responds to the last person who whispered you.
/? or /help or /h - Shows the help list.
/g. - Sends a message to only friends and clan members.
/quit - Closes the game.
/kick <name> - Kicks someone from the room (only the room master has this ability).
/f or /friend - Opens up the friends menu.
/b or /block - Opens up the block menu.
/clan - Opens up the clan menu.
/w <name> - Sends a private message to the person you enter in the <name> section.

Does this game have updates?

Yes! As this is a Free to Play game, we update exciting new content usually once a month. You can find out what’s coming in the newest updates by checking the Steam forums in the A.V.A Announcements sub-forum.

Can I use my microphone to talk to other players?

Aside from the Steam Friend voice chat, at this time we do not support in-game voice communications in A.V.A. We will notify the community if this feature is implemented in the future. However, 3rd party voice communication programs are available for use if you want to use your microphone to talk with your friends.

How do I take a screenshot?

You can press the Print Screen button to take a screenshot or use Steam’s in-game overlay and press F12 to take a screenshot.

Where can I find my screenshots?

If you took a screenshot using the Print Screen button, your screenshots will be located in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\ava\avaGame\ScreenSho ts (default directory). If you installed Steam or A.V.A in a different directory, please find your A.V.A directory.

If you took a screenshot using Steam’s in-game overlay (F12), you can find your screenshots by going to your ‘Library’ on Steam, finding the Screenshots section and pressing the ‘View Screenshot Library’ button.

What is the Capsule Shop?

For detailed information on the Capsule Shop, click the following link: http://ava.ijji.com/shop/shoppinggui...?m=capsuleshop

I can't seem to figure out what I need to do to complete the tutorial. What should I do?

If you check the top of your screen while doing the tutorial, you will notice that there are 3 different text boxes. The first text box shows the category of your current task, the second text box shows you the keys you need to press on your keyboard or what to do with your mouse in order to accomplish the task given to you, and the third text box explains what you must do in detail. If you still cannot find where you are supposed to go or what you need to do, look for arrows on the ground or floating green arrows. They will lead you to your next task.

I joined a room but I can't seem to start the game. What's wrong?

If you join a game that hasn't started yet, you need to wait until the Room Master or the person who has control of the room begins the game. In order for the Room Master to start the game, the other players in the room must ready up. You can ready up by pressing the 'Ready' button.

How many players can be in a room?

Depending on the mode, a room can range from 4 to 16 players.

I see people running in the game. How do I run?

In A.V.A, you can run (known as Sprinting) by tapping the W key twice in quick succession. This will trigger your character to begin sprinting. To continue sprinting, hold down the W key after you initiated the sprint.

Is there any way to change my Sprint key setting?

Unfortunately, at this time there is currently no way to remap your Sprint key.

Is there a way to prone in A.V.A?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not support the prone action.

While playing, random shapes appeared around the opposing team and I was able to see where they were. How did this happen?

There are 2 different features in A.V.A where this could occur. The first is your Squad Leader used their Binoculars to spot any visible enemies and mark them for a short period of time so that these enemies will be displayed on all allies' screen. Another way this could have happened is the UAV planes that are automatically called when your team is struggling to advance in the Escort mode. These planes will fly overhead and mark all enemies so that you can see them on your screen. Make sure you take advantage of the UAV's while they're active as they only last for a short duration.

Can anyone use Binoculars?

Binoculars are a special item that is given to the Squad Leader at the start of the game. The Squad Leader may choose to drop the Binoculars so that his/her teammates can utilize them. If you happen to pick up your Squad Leader's Binoculars, you can use them by pressing the '5' key on your keyboard.

How do you become a Squad Leader?

The Squad Leader role is determined at the beginning of the game and is given to the highest ranked players on either team. However, if the Squad Leader decides he doesn't want to take the role, he or she can drop their Binoculars and the player that picks up their Binoculars will be given the role of the new Squad Leader for your team.

While I was playing, I got a Lucky Shot. How do you get Lucky Shots and what does it do?

Luckyshot is obtainable depending on your luckyshot chance %. Various armors and items will add a certain % chance to achieve a luckyshot. When luckyshot occurs, you will receive double the Experience and Supply Points for that kill.

What do Dog Tags do and how do I collect them?

The Dog Tag is an item that only drop in Annihilation mode. After killing an enemy in Annihilation, they will drop their Dog Tag which you can pick up by walking over their body. If you collect 3 Dog Tags, your individual score will increase by 1 and your team score will increase by 3. After you collect 3 Dog Tags, your Dog Tags will reset and you will be able to collect more.

How do I use A.V.A's radio commands?

You can see the list of radio commands by pressing the Z key, the X key or the C key. The Z key has radio commands that you give for movement. The X key has radio commands where you respond other your teammates radio commands. The C key has radio commands that are mission related.

I kept shooting the enemy but they wouldn't die!

There are 2 reasons that might result in the enemy you are shooting at not dying.

1. You are too far away from the enemy (usually affects Point Man weapons) so your bullets do not reach the enemy or do less damage.
2. The enemy has just respawned and still have their spawn protection activated. When a player respawns, the spawn protection will protect them from any damage for a short period of time.

When I hit my opponent, an 'X' mark appeared over them. What does that mean?

The X mark appears because the enemy has just respawned and this X mark is used as an indication to show that this user currently has spawn protection activated.

Can you shoot through the walls in A.V.A?

Most weapons can only penetrate through wooden objects and the corners of concrete walls. If you kill an enemy through the wall, you should see a special bullet icon in the kill feed at the top right corner of your screen.

Is there any way I can put a silencer on my weapon?

You can only put a silencer on certain Point Man weapons. To add a silencer to your weapon, have your primary Point Man weapon out and press the V key on your keyboard. If the weapon you are currently using has the capability of using a silencer, you should see your character equipping the silencer to your weapon.

Is there any negative effect from using a silencer on my weapon?

If you equip a silencer to your Point Man weapon, your bullets will be less effective on enemies that are further away.

Is there any way I can pick up the weapon that drops when I kill an enemy?

You can pick up weapons by standing over the weapon and pressing the G key on your keyboard. These weapons only stay on the floor for a short duration so be sure to pick them up quickly before they disappear.

I'm not really sure what I need to be doing in this mode. Where can I find more information?

Please click the following link for more information on your mission in various modes: http://ava.ijji.com/guide.nhn?m=combatzones

No matter how many times I shoot the tank, it doesn't break! How can I damage the tank?

The tanks in the Escort modes can only be destroyed by RPG's by the NRF team. RPG's can be found throughout the map in a metal container. If you are having trouble locating the RPG containers, hold tab and look on the minimap for a rectangle with black lines running through it or ask one of your teammates.

While I was playing, I saw one of my teammates jump into the tank. How can I do that?

You can ride your tank by pressing 'E' next to the tank when it is functional. If your tank is broken, you will not be able to ride the tank until it is repaired.

I was walking next to the tank when I suddenly died but no one killed me! What happened?

If you move in front of the tank while it's moving or get too close to the tank while it's turning, you will be run over and killed.

Even though the tank isn't broken, it's not moving. What’s going on?

At least one player must be near the tank in order for it to move. If noone on EU team is near the tank, the tank will not move on its own.

My light stick in Snake Eye doesn't seem to work.

With the addition of the map Snake Eye: Night Ops, we are also adding the Light Sticks that are available in that particular map. These light sticks can be picked up at various spots in the map. Players can then throw it like a grenade to brighten up some areas of the map. It is supposed to brighten up the surrounding area when it's in a user’s hands or when tossed on the ground. However, there is an issue that may cause you to be unable to see the extra light provided by the light stick. If you go into your video settings and you have the "Light" setting set to "none", the light stick will not appear to be providing any light. So if you want to use the light sticks in Snake Eye: Night Ops, you will need to either have the "light" setting set to "Single Light Source" or "Complex Light Source", then you will be able to use the light stick as it is intended.

I completed a game but my game money did not increase. Is this a bug?

This is not a bug. After you complete a game, you will receive Supply Points based on your performance. Once your Supply Points reaches 100%, you will receive game money (Euro) as well as equipment for your character. If you are in need of Euro quickly, you could complete the tutorial (if you haven't already), complete the beginner missions, daily missions or complete tasks to earn medals which give Euro as reward.

I just finished a game and I received Battle Points. What are they and what can I do with them?

Battle Points can be used in the Capsule Shop to purchase Euro Capsules (capsules which can be purchased with Euro). By using a certain amount of Battle Points, you can pay a third of the original price in Euro.

After I finished a game, my weapon disappeared! Where did it go?

The weapon you were using was a 'Expendable' weapon. What this means is once the durability of the weapon has diminished from usage, it is automatically returned to the shop. You can purchase both Expendable and Permanent weapons from the weapon shop but keep in mind that not all weapons offer both purchasing options.

How do I know how much time I have left on my Expendable weapon?

The time left on Expendable weapons is based on how much you use the weapon. You can check the durability gauge of the weapon by going into your Inventory and selecting the weapon. You will see an orange bar with the words '[Durability]' under it.

Do I need to repair my weapon?

Yes, repairing your weapon is important if you want to keep your weapon accurate and strong.

How do I repair my weapon?

You can repair your weapon by going into your inventory, selecting the weapon you want to repair and clicking the Repair button. You can also press the Repair All button on the left which will repair all of your permanent equipment.

Is there a way I can upgrade my weapon?

All weapons in the Shop can be customized with different parts that will enhance its performance. To see what customizations you can purchase, click on the weapon in the shop and click the 'Buy' button and then the 'Select' button. From here, you will be able to see all the possible customizations you can purchase for this weapon. If you have already purchased a weapon but didn't customize it during purchase, you can customize it by going into your inventory, selecting the weapon you want to customize and pressing the 'Customize' button next to the 'Repair' button.

How many weapons does A.V.A have?

A.V.A currently has over 60+ weapons and we will continue to add new and exciting weapons with our content updates.

How many different maps/modes does A.V.A currently have?

A.V.A has 20+ maps with 8 different modes and we will continue to add new and exciting maps and modes with our content updates.

Escort Mission
AI Mode
Cross Steal

Some of the maps are too dark and I can't see the enemies. What should I do?

If certain parts of the map are too dark, you can activate your night vision goggles by pressing the N key on your keyboard.

My night vision stopped working all of a sudden. Can I only use it once?

Every time you use your night vision, you will drain its battery lower and lower. The longer you keep your night vision on, the faster it will drain. You can see how much energy your battery has left by activating your night vision and looking at the bar that appears at the middle center of your screen. If you use all of the battery, it will take some time for your night vision battery to recharge.

Is there a replay feature in A.V.A?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a replay feature. This feature, however, is currently in development and should be released within this year (2011).

Can I change my crosshair?

To change your crosshair, you must purchase the Crosshair G Coin item in our web shop. You can find our web shop by clicking the following link: http://ava.ijji.com/shop/index.nhn

Are there any special weapons or equipment that I cannot purchase from the shop but I can obtain by doing special missions?

Yes, there are weapons and items that can be obtained from Co-op missions such as Prison Break and Death Valley missions. During the mission, there are green mystery boxes at various points of the mission. Obtain these mystery boxes and at the end of the mission, various rewards including items are given. The reward varies and depends of how many boxes were obtained and if the mission was completed successfully.

I think someone is hacking or cheating, is there anything I can do?

Yes! In this case, it’s best to use A.V.A’s in-game reporting feature. To use this feature, simply press the Escape button and find the ‘Report Hacker’ button on the right side. Then, find the user you wish to report, highlight his or her name and click Report.

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Clan Related:

What is a clan?

A clan is a way for a group of players to play and enjoy A.V.A together. By being in a clan, you can challenge and compete against other clans and be ranked by your performance. Furthermore, in order to participate in tournaments, you must be part of a clan.

How do I join a clan?

There are many ways to join a clan. You could apply to an existing clan by searching the clan on the A.V.A clan homepage (http://ava.ijji.com/clan/index.nhn) or request to be in a clan by posting your request in the Clan Recruitment section on the forums (http://forums.ijji.com/forumdisplay.php?f=321). If a clan leader is interested in picking you up for their clan, you might also receive a clan request in-game.

How do I make my own clan?

In order to create a clan you need to be rank Staff Sergeant or above. Go to http://ava.ijji.com/clan/create.nhn and follow the directions on the page:

1. Agree to the terms of use.
2. Choose clan name, be sure to click “Check Availability”.
3. Select a Region closest to you.
4. Set New Member approval status - You can choose either automatic (everyone who joins the clan is automatically approved)or Clan Leader/Staff approval (must be approved by clan master/clan staff member)
5. Brief clan introduction (inappropriate clan introductions will be rejected).
6. If you have a clan home page or forum, you can input the link here to share with your clan (optional).

After you fill in all of the required information, click “Create Clan” and then your clan creation request will be submitted to a GM for approval. GM approval generally takes less than 24 hours, unless it’s the weekend but please have patience. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to create a new clan, leave your clan, disband your clan, or join a new clan until the approval process is complete.

I tried to create an AVA clan, but I don’t see it anywhere. Now when I try to create a new clan It tells me: "You have already joined another clan."

You received this message because your clan is currently awaiting approval from the GM. Please check back in 24 hours to see if your clan has been approved. You cannot join another clan until your submission has been either approved or rejected.

My clan is set to 'Clan leader approval needed' but I don't know where to approve.

To approve players that have applied to your clan, simply go to your clan page and click 'Clan Management' then 'Manage Members'. You can approve new members here.

I want to change my clan member approval. Where can I change it?

You can change your clans member approval system by going to your clan page and clicking the 'Clan Management' then 'New Clan Member Approval' tab. From here, you can change the approval system to 'Automatic' or 'Clan Leader Approval Needed'.

What is a squad?

A squad is an elite group of clan members who have been assigned to a squad to represent the clan. You can learn more about the Squad System by clicking the following link: http://forums.ijji.com/showthread.php?t=887804.

How do I invite members to my clan?

There are two ways to invite new members to your clan. 1st method is in-game:- In order to invite a player to your clan while in-game, right click on the users name and click “Invite to Clan" The 2nd method is on the Website:- Instruct potential clan members to visit your AVA clan page. Click the “Join this Clan” button. The Clan URL is displayed on the Clan Home page.

How do I accumulate clan points? What do clan points do?

You can accumulate clan points by using the clan system to find clan matches. After joining a clan, you can now access the Clan section in-game by clicking the 'Clan' button before entering a channel. Once there, you can create a room and have your clan members join and A.V.A's clan system will automatically match you with another team that's ready to play. Depending on the outcome of the game, you will receive a certain amount of clan points. You can use these clan points to rank your clan so that you can recruit more members and create more squads.

I want to change my clan name without recreating this clan. Is that possible?

The only way to change your clan name without creating a new clan is to purchase the Clan name Change item from the A.V.A web shop. Click the following link to see the Clan Name Change item: http://ava.ijji.com/shop/detailview....ranchId=shop03

I don't like my clan, how do I leave it? Are there any penalties for leaving?

You can leave the clan by going to your clan page and pressing the 'Leave this clan' button on the left. If you leave a clan, you cannot join another clan for 24 hours.

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G Coin Related:

What is G Coin?

G Coin is the virtual currency of ijji.com. G Coin is required to purchase any Cash items. To learn more about G Coin, click the following link: http://ava.ijji.com/shop/shoppingguide.nhn?m=whatsgcoin

How can I purchase G Coin?

If you have launched A.V.A through Steam, you can also add G Coin in-game by going to the ‘Shop’. There should be an ‘Add G Coin’ button in the center of your screen. By clicking that, you will see the different G Coin amounts you can purchase through Steam Funds.

Another way you can purchase G Coin is to go to http://ijji.com/ and login. Once logged in, click the ‘Add G Coin’ button at the top navigation bar or click the following link: https://billing.ijji.com/payment/paymentprocess.nhn

I just bought the item but it's not in my inventory. How can I use it?

For a quick guide on how to use items purchase through A.V.A's web shop, click the following link: http://ava.ijji.com/shop/shoppingguide.nhn?m=howtouse

Are there any bonus items where I can receive experience or supply points faster?

Yes, there are various items which will give you bonuses to your experience or supply points in the A.V.A web shop. Click the following link to go to A.V.A's web shop: http://ava.ijji.com/shop/index.nhn

I changed my nickname temporarily but I want it to change back now. Is there any way to do that?

Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to manually undo your temporary name change aside from waiting for the Name Change item to expire.

I purchase a capsule and received a Coupon. What does it do?

The coupon can be used to purchase unique melee weapons from the Shop in-game like the popular Food tray item.

Have any further questions? Ask us! http://help.ijji.com/mystuff/askaquestion.nhn

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