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Talking Mann CO. HQ

Iím making a Versus Saxton Hale map based off this image. (Itís the image of Mann Co. head quarters from the mannconomy update.) So Iím going to use this topic to keep track of my progress and get feedback on the way.

Hereís what I got so far:
Hereís a pic of the top of the main building.

Hereís the right side of the map.

Hereís the left side.

Overview of lower area. Far off area is cut off.

The way the map will work is the mercs (red team) will start at the entrance, just outside of the gates. Theyíll be facing the main building. As soon as a new round loads (not starts) Hale will jump off the roof of his building and land on the point at the center-ish of the map. Heís being pushed off the building by a bush and so since the round hasnít started he canít move yet wile he falls. Wile heís falling, heíll say one of his cool lines (as part of the vsh mod). A trigger brush and other stuff are set up so that the screen will shake and a loud booming sound will play once he hits the ground. Thereíll also be impact sparks.

Note: The screenshots are from hammer (the editor) and not in-game I have the lighting and stuff set up already as well but it would take too long for me to compile and take screen shots every time I update. Hereís a crappy, oldish screenshot I took. Itís hard to tell from the screenshot but I went for a lighting thatís the same angle as the art (or as close as possible.)

Note2: I have a skybox, I just disabled it for screenshots.

TL;DR: Map made from pic. Map for vsh. Not finished. Give feedback.
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This looks pretty cool! I look forward to playing it.

My suggestion is (if you haven't done this yet): Make it possible to enter the buildings/Manco main building for hiding spots. Or jsut space.
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Looks pretty good.
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Love it
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I have an idea for this to be a CP_map :U

Yes, this is the perfect map for vsh, but it'd be a cool cp map, too. The blues start out in a warehouse facing the mann co. building, and the Reds spawn behind the front desk of the mann co's first floor. The control point is in front of the door, in front of the steps. After they capture that point, they can go into the building, wither left or right of the main desk (red no longer spawning there) to a capture point farther in the building, This capture point is in a large room, on a big (8m x 8m? big) metal platform. The reds spawn in a back room farther past this. After the blus capture this point, all the surviving team has 10 seconds to get on the metal platform because it's an elevator going to the last floor. IF they don't get on, the elevator will rise and the floor will burst into flames. The reds can't get up, so they'll die anyway. The Elevator is slow, so the reds will respawn in time to set up, on the top floor. (The elevator rises up to a closed-off room, with ammo boxes embedded in the walls, and a rolling garage door. This becomes the new blue respawn.) The Blues must make it to either of the 2 staircases and make it to the CP on the roof. The Reds will be there guarding it. The Reds have 4 separate respawn boxes (not that big, though) on the roof, all facing away from the point (to hopefully lessen spawn camping). After the point is capped, the roof of the building explodes, killing everyone just because Mr. Hale would want to see all of the wusses burn. It amuses him.

EDIT: I Just made Very, very, very, VEEERRY, Bad drawings to show what i mean, roughly. Gonna make them Legible in Photoshop and upload them, quick.

EDIT EDIT: Here they Are. (There's one more thing i realized i wanted to Draw, to show where the Blus would spawn to after capping the second point.) (Remember all these are suggestions. If it were a CP Map)

Look at this one First (Outside)

This one Second (Lobby)
This one Third (Elevator)
This one Last (Roof)

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Arrow Map's done.

Hate to bump my own topic from a long time ago, but I just now, maybe 3 minutes ago finish the map. First official release can be found here: http://www.gamebanana.com/tf2/maps/164262
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I would play this for hours. MannCo. deserves a bit of mercenary action, if olny as focus groups testing out new products.
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Something as huge as Mann Co. should deserve a TC map.

Too bad Valve made tf2 abandoned the TC or Arena modes on their new simple autojoin interface.
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