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Radio Support?

About the time Ultra was announced, I vaguely remember hearing that there was going to be support for streaming radio to play in Beat Hazard because it generates the game as the music plays rather than before.

Was this idea scrapped or am I just making things up?
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Legal issues, latency issues, issues with servers dropping for a few seconds for any reason, issues with the game not being able to keep up with the music because these music games generally don't create everything on the fly.

Take your pick.
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legal issues wouldn't be the point, since both players need to add the stream by themself.

The problem would be indeed possible lags BUT!
Since it is a radio station it would not be illegal to cache those, since the Radio "publishes" the songs and not the players or the game. Thus caching so beathazard can match both streams to process it would be clearly possible but I think it would be kinda hard to do this. But hell I'd love to play on my own radio stream.

http://login.streamplus.de/player.php?spt=3996.m3u (Winamp)
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