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Quick-Fix vs. Regular Medi-Gun (and Kritzkrieg)

Which do you prefer, and for sake of argument forget about the Ubercharges, which do you prefer for just healing.

I prefer the normal Medi-Gun and Kritzkrieg, unless there's another medic using one of them. 1 Medic using Quick-Fix and 1 using normal seems to keep people alive alot longer.
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Its hard to compare AND forget ubercharges. I use the quick fix for healing in general (for obvious reasons). But the fact that it has no immunity uber charge...hard bargain there.
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For me, it's the medigun that doesn't allow you to pocket - what I use the uber for is when the entire team is assaulting a point or something. I can heal them from 1% to 100% in seconds.
From my experience it's pretty useless otherwise. Activating the uber in a heavy vs. heavy one on one still has the friendly heavy get shredded to pieces.
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All three mediguns are very well made.

The Medigun's ubercharge still holds tried and true since day one, even with the addition of the two new healing tools it still has just as much sway as it did then.

The Kritzkrieg is by far my favorite. Originally (for those who never played since beta) the Medigun granted invulnerability AND critical shots. It was pretty devastating. However after the big split and changing everything to (random) having the Kritzkrieg brings back that devastating impact of the original uber but at the cost of being vulnerable. As I said, it is by far my favorite and I almost always weild it. However it is definitely not recommended for newer Medics. The reason being that you have to be much more aware of when a good time to use it arises since its charge is shorter than the other two AND since you both are vulnerable.

The Quick-Fix is a great new healing tool and fits nicely between the two other healing tools filling a gap that still remained. The only problem is that both mediguns granted great power but a lot of the time there would only be a single medic per team. The quick-fix allows a medic to heal his team at the speed of 2-3 medics. Even the ubercharge on it is very powerful. It may not grant krits or invulnerability but being able to turn teammates from 5hp to full in a heart beat can really change the tide of battle. This is effect becomes even more powerful if you are a experienced medic who can switch between teammates quickly allowing you to get the most out of the quick-fix.

All of them are great, and all have their downsides but if I had to choose just one I would take the Kritzkrieg since having the power to massacre the entire enemy team in a few seconds is by far the most fun and exhilarating.
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Going with the quickfix

though I'll probably stick with kritz for a bit since everyone will want to use the quickfix
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Quick-Fix pretty much renders the Vita-Saw and the Ubersaw useless. I like that.
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I always enjoyed healing people that were hurt, and found pocketing someone to just be dull unless they ended up massacring everything. The Quick-fix really aids my style of play.
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People are already adapting to the quickfix. I haven't had a single moment where it was simply one heavy/soldier and I. I think a small team moving forward, (2-3) people aided by a single quick fix Medic on CTF is untouchable.
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Mr. Havok
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The Quickfix is great. You can either Uber a Heavy and fully tank a Sentry or you can pop it and heal your nearby teammates to full in a second.
You really can't beat the Uber, though. I'd say the order is more;
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Here's my (temporary) pro tip. Until they make the quick fix effect more noticeable, it is far more effective when used by a medic who uses voice chat a lot. Some of these medics want to make a key bind that tells people in text chat that they're using the quick fix charge, but a lot of people don't notice that in time and remain confused. The only time I don't communicate that I'm using it is if I'm saving someone who is just running away from the enemy. Also, don't tell them you're about to uber them; tell them you're about to quick fix them, or they'll get confused based on my experience.

I played a really fun round of cp_well earlier. Both teams had one quick fix medic, and a player on the opposing team repeatedly complained to his medic about the quick fix. I was sure to note to this medic-unfriendly player that I had more than twice the number of points as anyone on his team while using the quick fix. His team wasn't very well coordinated, but mine was; that was the real difference.

I really get a big kick out of using the quick fix and having pyros swarm me thinking that they're going to hurt me. Unlike an uber, nobody runs away from the quick fix charge. They don't fear it and pay as a result. I've ended most of my quick fix charges with all my health.

The ability to run as fast as scouts when healing them really made me try some things as medic that would usually be out of the question. I found myself pocketing good scouts far more often. Sometimes when I'm low on health, I intentionally heal a scout in order to evade better. Pretty cool, but I don't know if I would charge a huge sentry nest with it.

I think quick fix may be best for 5CP, payload defense,

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Marrow-Ezza L-U
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Don't forget about the Quick Fix's ability to negate knockback.
Really comes in handy.
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Quick Fix is now a personal favorite of mine. Simple to use, very easy to charge, and it's increased heal rate means its quite handy in a firefight. Just aim, click, then move on after a couple seconds to the next patient.

The matching Speed makes Medic's a good buddy for Scouts now, and the addition of their Soda Popper means you can constantly heal a Mini-Crit spewing freak with some serious dodging skills. The results are always fun, though a smart team will aim for you first.

The Ubercharge it packs is quite nice, turning anybody your healing into an immovable, nearly unkillable war machine. Sentries can't stop this Uber with their standard pushback, though mutliple ones could do so in terms of raw damage.

tl;dr, Quick Fix is awesome as long as the other team isn't half Engie.
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Originally Posted by Marrow-Ezza L-U View Post
Don't forget about the Quick Fix's ability to negate knockback.
Really comes in handy.
Define knockback. Because if it stops airblast....SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY
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Definately my No. 2 Medigun now after the Vanilla... But that's not saying much really. The uber is a lot weaker but the increased heal rate and faster uber means that if you already have a good team you can increase your domination of the other side... The problem is, you need a good team which already has good medics with the regular uber...

It's not good for pocket medics for sure, but, I'm not a pocket medic. I like healing everyone and splitting up ubers so this should be something I would actually use... Well, it should be.

More often than not though the team is actually being carried by that one heavy or soldier, and, from experience, IT'S FREAKING HARD to get people to rush into a capture point or even the cart as a group instead of just following an obvious heavy-medic uber in. The Uber status is not even that obvious to anyone, although maybe it's just because the update's just been realeased, Idk.

It's also beaten by all the other ubers, so, the increased charge rate is honestly a joke. You also can't take down sentry nests with this... Which is half the point of an uber anyway. Definately can't take this if your only medic on the team, maybe if you are the 3rd medic or something with 2 competant medics with uber, you could use this to great effect, but otherwise, it's going to rot in my backpack.

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Toasty McBurny
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I ing LOVE this thing. Being able to quickly heal multiple teammates as well as keep up with scouts is more than enough in my book. It's an amazing sidegrade to the normal medigun. I bought it this morning and have been greatly pleased with it.
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