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Objects flying in cutscenes

Hi, just bought the game and after few minutes from the beginning I met some weird bug.
In the first cutscene where Kate finds the Mavi, the mavi is out of synch and starts moving before she even grabs it.
The same happened later with the pistol.
I have a Hp pavillon dv6, intel i5 and nvidia geforce gt 320m, Windows 7 and play the game at 1366x768, with all the options down.
Sometimes the frame rate drops down (mostly in the corridor sections whenever the water start flowing in) and generally is pretty low.
The cutscenes, whenever Kate is in them, seem to stutter or go out of synch.
And the italian translation for the menus is really, really poor, with even some of the in game tips non translated (like "movement keys")
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If you could send a dxdiag to support@darkenergydigital.net we will investighate for you.

Regarding translations in menus, we are happy to update the text for future updates. Please email any requests to the support email address too
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