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How do I attack?

There's probably a really simple answer to this, but for the love of me, I cannot find it.

Here's my issue... suppose you encounter another race's fleet in some system; now suppose you resolve this conflict peacefully and then make a ceasefire with this species. This will basically mean that both your fleets are orbiting the same planet.

So... if at this point I decide I want to take my fleet and attack the other fleet for whatever reason, how do I do that? This should be a fairly simple thing to do, but I have no idea how to do this!

I've tried manually cancelling the ceasefire to see if maybe that was the issue, but apparently not, I still can't attack. Any suggestions?
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When encountering a faction for the first time, your fleet is holding their fire, because they are unsure of the enemy is a friend or foe.

On the tactical overlay of a battle, in the top left corner is the actionbar that effects the entirety of your fleet.

On that tactical bar, to the right is a circular button that shines red, if it shines red, your units will hold their fire, if you click that button (so that it turns green) your ships will fire at will.

Hope this helps

*Edit, the combat tutorial video made by Rorschach, which you can find ingame on the tutorial of SotS, also explains how to do this.


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Originally Posted by Smiiley View Post
You wont get there if the other faction isnt flagged as foe.


Cancel the NAP, next turn it should launch a battle. If not, send a single (cheap) ship there and it should trigger allowing you to choose which fleet to use (not the one with just the cheap ship in it!).
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Maybe end the cease fire and end the turn?
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