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Thumbs up Awesome game for $7!!


For those of you who might have doubts about this game, you'll get a great experience, much more than descent graphs and audio performance whether you really like action games.

If you are a real shooter gamer, you should know what I am talking about... This game will grant you real fun!

PS. dude I am not an advertisement ...do whatever you used to do

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Ya, I purchased this game recently and all I can can think is, I can't believe I waited this long. Amazing single player campaign.
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it sucks that MP seems to be dead but ya the singleplayer is definitely worth the 7 bucks.

had a awesome moment when i did a deadlock on 4 mutants then tossed a tnt barrel at em and it froze also just inside then i reverted the deadlock and BOOOM.

obviously something easy to do but i just thought it up on the spot when i did it so i was real proud of my "YOU TRIGGERED MY TRAP CARD!" moment
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