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Right stick sensitivity

I'm playing with a 360 controller as the keyboard and mouse controls are abyssmal, and for the most part it works fine. However, for some reason the vertical sensitivity on my right stick is utterly broken. It's really low so when trying to aim upwards with the slingshot it takes 5-10 seconds to move an inch on my screen. There is no setting for it so I can't change it that way and there are several missions in the game that require you to aim a slingshot or something and I'm having loads of trouble doing them.

Anyone know of a solution?
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Have you tried recalibrating the gamepad in Windows?

And what's wrong with the mouse and keyboard controls? I've finished the game twice with mouse and keyboard, no problem.
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i have the same issue. it's a default problem with the right stick's sensitivity, not a calibration issue. i was hoping someone had a config file fix for this?
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Bump. I recently bought a 360 controller and thought I should replay this. The right stick is fine just looking around in 3rd person but when I go "iron sight" of the slingshot, everything slows to a crawl. There isn't an option in game to increase this sensitivity and will make some missions/classes impossible without switching it back to mouse controls.
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