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Playstation version of TFTD

I just got the PSone version of TFTD (yes exists) and the music is amazing.
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how are the controls for that version?
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Controls are a tad bit stiffer, however the sound and visuals are better imho.
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better gfx

Open dosbox.conf in your xcom folder in steam and go in the RENDER section. Just change the scaler to a better one if you like. The default one steam uses is advinterp2x but you could change it to any other one to your liking until your confortable with it.
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Thumbs up

I've also just been playing the PS1 version of TFTD, it appears to be the most updated and bugfixed TFTD out there with some small misc enhancements like 3D views of the manta/hammerhead/etc and a fullscreen intro movie.

The controls are the same as the PC *IF* you have the PS1 mouse or have configured your emulator correctly. It has an alternative joypad-only control method which is actually not bad (mouse is a lot better though).

Agreed that the sound and music are much better than the PC version, and it includes a number of new CD-DA ambience tracks which really add to the atmosphere. The music plays at the "proper" speed and it has better quality samples, only the (real or emulated) Gravis Ultrasound option comes close on the PC version.
PS1 has only one problem: long loading times... But that only affects real PS1 hardware, with ePSXe emulator just press the F4 key and loading times are reduced to just a few seconds

Also it is PAL region only, possibly an issue for NTSC Americans who want to play on real hardware (it works fine in emulators).

Summary: This is the best version of TFTD for the purists and newbies alike, though it is best played on an emulator like ePSXe_shark where you can tweak the visual enhancements to your preference

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