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Something that doesnt freeze.

My suggestion is simple do your guy's jobs. Ever since the 101 updates of yours steam has turned into a piece of crap at least for me and several of my friends. Everytme i run a game it freezes(or as windows says "is not responding") and connection is constantly lost when i still am able to get on the interent through my browser. Also several errors occur on pages showing nly a error message for 10 mins at a time until it comes back after refresh. This is ridiculous since in the past you interface has be solid and reliable. It great to have this when it works but now the only reason to keep it is because steam forces you to have it on to play your own games.
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This has been going on wayyyy before the steam summer sales have begun?

If not, they are working on these issues I believe and it's just gonna require some patience. Also, it might help the support team more if you are a bit more descriptive. Good luck.
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Thanks for comment and yeah I know just started to become fed up with it. K for discription I'll use the only game I really play as a example. Whenever I start up warband the launch box freezes and so doe steam in general. It lags my PC and recently its forced me to shut down steam cuz it stayed frozen for say 10 mins. Then when i tried to reconnect it said steam servers were not responding and coul dnot reconnect until i restarted my pc then they worked fine. Also many errors appear saying like error 505 or some random number and a white screen on the store and community. Also sometimes the client wont load my wish list at all it just sits there forever going on like its loading(I literaly walked away to my console for a hour and it was still loading). Along with that when I close warband my steam freezes also just as it does apon launch. Steam says t loses connection to my interent while my broswer works fine still and no internet i lost, and lastly and I know why it does this but thye should look into it anyways when i alt-tab out of a game(i know its because of my alt-tab) and go back my steam interface will no longer come up and will not come up until i restart the game. Thats about all I can think of and they are all very frequent so yeah and excuse any bad grammar because I'm not spell checking at all and am not paying attention to all my "I" capitalizations i know.
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