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_-the crazy dramatic end of sale/contest for me-_

doing achievements and helping my bro do his up till 12:49 ... shouting toki tori instructions from room to room; copying save files from PC to PC...

picking my final prizes (the toughest decisions, of course.)

a few minutes later, insane thunderstorm comes through. the kind where for a few moments u are not worrying so much about ur sale bargains as u are about ur roof, windows, car, etc. jokes about "yeah now watch the cable go out." :P look out the window @ huge branch laying in the yard. sheets of rain going near horizontal, cable line still connected but being blown around like crazy.

"cable line?!"

it's like 12:58 all of a sudden the steam client browser comes up with the "cannot connect to service" error. the bottom of steam client where it shows ur download status says "no connection". ...... check cable modem. it's de-synced.

still had like 12 tickets left. :/ resigned to defeat. "oh well that's it. we're boned." pace the room for 20 seconds or so.. my bro says "just reboot it."

"it won't do any good" but I go to reboot it anyway. and notice the lights are showing synced! "it's working! try it!"

"yeah it's working!"

ok so I have connection to steam again, but the prize page is doing this jive thing where even though steam client is logged in, the web page is asking me to log in to my steam account, showing zero tickets, all prizes greyed out, etc. and popping up the steam guard dialog when I try to log in from there.

i know this will resolve itself given time but .... time I do not have!!!

at probably 12:59:40, it starts working right, showing me golden tickets, etc. I pick the last prizes, frantically, but still taking care to pick only the stuff i want and no junk or accidents.

"oops i forgot alien breed game till last. how can that be?!"

i click my final prize ticket. steam browser goes black and takes several seconds to reload the page. ...... which is now: the default steam store page. thinking "i missed it. ****!"

but then I check my games list, and there it is.

sorry for such the drama but i swear this is the way it happened and I am not exaggerating in any respect. thought some of u would appreciate the story. and the rest of u would say "cool story bro". (it's win-win!)


epilogue: food. sleep. no games for a while. but when I do, playing them to play them not just to bust out achievements in an assembly line fashion.
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Tried to buy Magicka and Battlefield

"There has been an internal error initializing your transaction. Please contact support for assistance."


Also, cool story.

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nice story. +1
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lol Dude, by the way you type, you sure have been taking lots of sugar.
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Thanks for sharing. It's lovely to hear a good news story (thread) around here every once in a while.
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That's a good story dude. Cheers me up.
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Cool story bro.
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Congrats. I too did not notice that Alien Breed was actually the whole game until today! Glad I nabbed it before the end.
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