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Black Jacket Studios
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Build 114 up today

Here's the changelist (for 113 and 114)


- New scores HUD display at top of screen.

- Added match rank indicator to HUD display.

- Added kill streak indicator to HUD display.

- New cool looking ball with LED animations.

- Added cockpit glass reflection.

- New "Meat Hunter" and "Road Trip Rampage" achievements.

- Now displays icon over top 8 players indicating their match rank.


- Changed chat colors to match new HUD.

- Removed struts from cockpit for more visibility.

- New HUD ball icon - can see ball much easier now.

- Added lighting and detail to 1st person tank and cockpit.

- Reduced end score and endgame pause times.

- Fixed some login issues.

- Changed team shuffle algorithm.

- Fixed count up bar on weapons when they are max level.
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did the settings directory bug get fixed? http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=1897285
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I really like the new H.U.D. Thanks to all at Black jacket for their efforts.
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Thumbs up

indeed, makes a change to see developers staying involved post-release, it's appreciated.
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Still waiting patiently for my revers steering option...
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