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Known Bugs/Issues + Fixes

Have a problem with the game? Look here first, I've compiled some of the more commonly reported bugs and what you can do about them.

General Problem: Game Crashes

The most common reason the game crashes is because it wasn't downloaded properly. Go into the Steam Library, Right Click on the game and go 'Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache'. If that doesn't work try deleting the game and reinstalling it. Then try restarting the Steam Client and your computer.

If that doesn't work, email jay@murudai.com a screenshot of the message that comes up. If no message comes up and the game crashes silently find the install directory of Solar 2 and email me the 'log.txt' file.

General Problem: Resolution/Display Issues

- The game loads okay but the screen is black, the resolution is messed up and you can't use the menu or the game crashes without an error report.

This could be a resolution issue, the game attempting to set a resolution the display setup doesn't support. There is a way to override the saved settings in the game.

You need to put an override config file in the Solar 2 directory. Here's a link to download a file template to use: http://files.murudai.com/solar2/display.txt It should go in the main folder with Solar2.exe, or on Mac the location should be 'Solar2.app/Contents/Resources/display.txt'.

You can set Width and Height to any integer, and Fullscreen to 'true' or 'false'. Just a note though that you can do some weird things with this, especially if you try and set strange custom resolutions in fullscreen mode (as monitors only support certain resolutions in fullscreen).

Due to a known issue on Linux the only way to change the resolution of windowed mode is to use a display.txt file like this.

- Install Location

Simply load up the Steam client. Right Click Solar 2 in the library. Go 'Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files...'. That's the location to put the 'display.txt' and 'controls.txt' config files.

On Mac to find the Steam install location open up Finder and go 'Go > Go to Folder...' and input '~/Library/Application Support/Steam'. Then navigate to 'SteamApps\common\Solar 2'.

General Problem: Custom Controls

- How to set custom key mapping

To do custom key mapping, download this template first: http://files.murudai.com/solar2/controls.txt If you include that file in the install directory (same folder as Solar2.exe) then it will override all keyboard controls with those custom set controls. On Mac the location for the file is 'Solar2.app/Contents/Resources/controls.txt'.

But which keys for what? If you play the game and press '~' you will bring up the debug hud. One of the options in the debug hud will tell you the name of the last key pressed. That's the name to put in the controls.txt file. If the key you are pressing doesn't come up, then you cannot use that key with the game.

If you need more help, feel free to email me at the address at the bottom of this thread.

Windows Version Problems

Some of the issues on Windows (including Windows 8) are due to the .NET and XNA installations. If you're having an issue on Windows such as the game not even starting then you might need to reinstall these.

Go to your installed programs and uninstall "Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile" and "Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0" then reinstall them from these links: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en....aspx?id=17851 for .NET 4 and http://www.microsoft.com/download/en....aspx?id=20914 for XNA 4.

If you have Windows 8 Phone SDK installed and reinstalling XNA 4 from the above link doesn't fix the crash on startup, then that's a more complicated issue. Go here for more instructions on how to fix it: http://xboxforums.create.msdn.com/forums/t/108773.aspx

Mac Version Problems

- Problem: Game uses a lot of RAM
Due to some unsupported audio libraries on Mac the audio is stored uncompressed in memory, meaning the RAM usage is quite high. This also causes the longer initial loading time on Mac. I'm still looking for a patch for this issue.

- Using an Xbox 360 Controller
The Mac version does support an Xbox 360 controller. Use this driver here: http://tattiebogle.net/index.php/Pro...ller/OsxDriver and it should work just fine.

Linux Version Problems

- Problem: Can't change size of window in windowed mode
This is a known issue. To change the windowed resolution see the 'Resolution/Display Issues' info above.

- Problem: Something is wrong with the particle effects
Simply pause and unpause the game. This issue seems to happen when the game display options are changed.
- Problem: Opening the Steam Overlay corrupts the ingame graphics
This is a known issue, and I have been able to reproduce it myself. Still looking for a fix. In the mean time, just don't open the Steam Overlay! If you do, save and quit the game and start it up again.

Other General Problems

- Problem: I purchased the game but it's still the demo!
This happens occasionally. Close the Steam client and reload it, that should fix this. Otherwise, verify to make sure you have actually purchased the game and it has gone through.

- Problem: I left the game running when I closed my laptop lid and it crashed!
This is a known issue and I'm still looking for a fix. Simply save and exit the game before you close the lid rather than leaving the game running and you'll avoid this.

- Problem: Game crashes on startup and error message says 'The process cannot access the file'
Seems to be an issue with anti-virus, backups or otherwise a program using the save-file and blocking the game. Opening the game again should fix it, and if it doesn't and waiting a few minutes doesn't work, try restarting your computer.

- Problem: An error pops up randomly and says 'Cannot access a disposed object.'
This happens very rarely and I have not identified the problem. It doesn't seem to happen twice. It could be related to changing audio while playing.

Any other problem?

If you haven't already, email me at: jay@murudai.com with details and I'll see what I can do.

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