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Exclamation Massive lag FIX

First, I would just like to say, I hope this doesn't plagiarize someone else's post, I didn't check them all, but it looks like no-one has posted this "fix" yet, please don't get mad if you have, I'm just trying to help

Okay okay, here's a "possible fix" to the low FPS problem that has been plaguing this game, it worked for me at least. I currently have a dual boot of windows XP and Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. When the low FPS problem started I had Front Mission evolved installed on Windows 7, it was immensely frustrating. Finally, (I have no idea why I didn't think to try), I decided this week to install it on my XP partition. HOlYCAMOLE! It works perfectly now. (My FPS went from 15-30 to 50-90 on 1980x1080 max everything)

Conclusion: Windows 7 is the problem malefactor the game is simply not optimized for it--installing the game on XP should fix all your problems (correction--this one problem, I have no idea if it's universal).

My system (just in case anyone gives a frak):
XP-Pro Sp3
Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
4 GBs crappy G-skill ram
1GB HAWX Talon Attack OCed Edition
Old Phenom X4 9850 (quad core)
Average joe HHD 500GB
Ridiculous sunbeam transformer desktop case I bought because I was cheap and wanted lots of fans......eesh

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Fraps = Video capturing tool

FPS = Frames per second ( or First person shooter :P )

just saying.
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my bad, fixed to "FPS" ;D
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Hey KOzmo!
First of all, thank you for both caring and sharing.
Your observations are highly interesting.

My first meeting with this problem, I actually thought this lag thing was some obscure "Teleporting" battle skill, not yet obtained LOL.

However, I got tired of seeing fellow gamers suffer from this annoying glitch.
I also observed that the more gamers in same match, the more severe the problem got.
I had this theory that this problem was a combination of internet connection and cross country server synchronization issue.

I opened a service ticket, and made a complaint.
I was not happy with the answer, so i made a complaint to Double Enix, Square Helix, and even Steam.

I'll make a long story short.
They don't give a crap.

I'll spread the word about your observations, It may help.

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