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Points Millionaire

I was wondering what the requirements are for this achievement. (Points Millionaire)

Do I have to beat every level with a score of at least 1 000 000 in infinite mode, or just one?

I already did it on moscow, but the mixture of random ravager patterns and the shot shielding dudes on the other levels are making them a pain. It's actually bumming me out on the game, which I thought was pretty solid up to this point. I don't really want to deal with the meat shield chargers that also interrupt shooting, or the long worms that just block enemy patterns completely.

I guess if I have to do every level, I'm done with this game. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I was just hoping I could 100% this game...
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Getting a million points on each stage isn't that hard. With the amount of enemies there are, you're nearly constantly spamming your special attacks that wipe out everything.

I just got the achievement but I didn't have a million points on all the levels. I had:

1 - ~600k
2 - ~1.1 mill
3 - ~900k
4 - ~1.1 mill

My guess is either:

1) you have to play every stage with at least one score over 1 mill.


2) you need a total of 3 mill points.

My guess is the first; we'll have to get more achievers to confirm.

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I just got it too. It seems you just need at least one +1 million score. You just have to finish all the levels.

I got 1.7 million in Moscow and below in the other 3 (.6 million, .4million, .4million in levels 1-3)

I love the rest of the game. It has a great design that focuses on a perfect run. It's all about saving your power-ups for the perfect moments and killing the right number of ancilliary enemies to make the meter tick over. A lot of the enemy patterns reward melee attacks to take down larger foes. The infinite levels have none of that design in them. Distraction enemies will block you completely from entering the right side, while ravagers just rush across the screen. If you can't build up enough combos to get power ups, you'll often lose your meter just before it ticks over. It's a cool idea to add a mode that you can play perpetually, but it's nowhere near as good as the rest of the game which has a lot of polish.
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