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gothic 1 sleeper temple stuck (bug?)

I'm in the first area after you pass over the chasm. There is a room with 3 colored "switchs" that look like rocks that you must rotate. Whenever I turn one it almost immediately turns back, I've tried them in different orders but nothing happens with either of the 3 iron gates in the rloom off of it. I have no other saves that are recent... please help!
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They're supposed to rotate back like that after you use them. To figure out the correct combination to use, go out into the main room with the two gated archways. There's a stone plaque between them with those same colors printed on it, and I'm pretty sure it tells you the order if you read them from left to right.

It's possible that the combinations you think you're using are off. IE, the game may only register a combination after every 3rd turn. So if you turned two stones arbitrarily then tried to do the correct combination, it might not register that as the combo. I'm just guessing here though I don't know if this is the case.

Either way, if you do the combo that's printed on the plaque, and perhaps try it again a few times, you should get through.

If all else fails, you can easily cheat your way through the gates by activating Marvin mode, and pressing K. (open the character stats screen, type in marvin, then close the character screen.)
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Thanks a ton. I knew the solution to the puzzle and how it was SUPPOSED to work but it simply wasn't.

You were right though, about the combination being off - even though the right one. What they should've done was make it so that the switches STAY and then rotate back after you've put in the wrong combo. That would've made the most sense.
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Remember at some point you are supposed to leave the temple in order to continue the quest.
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