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Secret Base
Secret Base
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Lightbulb Write Us A Player Review : Win the physical edition!

Hi Guys, Tobe's Vertical Adventure is one of our first game made. It's been a long way for us, from development on XBLIG, to eventual release on PC. That said, we need your help to bring Tobe and Nana on bigger and better adventures in the future.

Give us your review, tell us what you like and dislike about the game, or what you like to see in future sequels and spin off. What you think might be an awesome idea for us, or even how you might have done it yourself. Would you like an level editor? More characters? Whatever you think, we love to know, so please share with us your thoughts

And for all the hard work, there must be some reward. Since I've also receive some emails enquiring where one can get a copy of the physical edition of the game, we will be giving them out to the best player's review written. Unfortunately, we only have 3 left, so we can only have 3 winners.

Here's a little preview of the physical edition, and you can take a closer look from indiegames.com

The 3 winners will be selected by 21st August, so everyone have more than enough time to play through and think about it. You can leave your review here or on our website at Secret Base. Looking forward!

Edit : Video reviews are welcome too!

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Smile Simply amazing!

As 2D platformers go this one takes the cake. From scaling walls to using Tobe's balloons and chains. This games continues to leaving me wanting more. The levels are well designed in giving you an idea of how to plan ahead how you can collect the diamonds and birds before reaching the goal and having to escape. It's challenging, but not overwhelming making going from level to level a satisfying experience. The co-op extends this by having a friend and yourself work together bringing more replay value as you and your partner finish each level. If DLC is ever planned it would surely bring much more enjoyment to an already fun game.
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This tobe's game is a really great game, the visuals are amazing throwing players back some years ago (many) but they are soo well made that you can obviously tell that the game is recent.

The gameplay feels like an oldschool plataformer game, but with actions of "today's" games like the climbing the legdes, wallrunning,etc (some old platformers may have this actions too,I cant't remember any game now, but normally they didn't have) and the controls are precise and intuitive (at least with the patches now everyone should have them good).

The musics and sounds of this game like the rest of the aspects of the game are really "retro amazing" and really good, the tunes are really well made and then when the remix version kicks in they get even better.

Overall the game is like a blast from the past, but with today standarts, so everyone who likes platformers and/or retro games should play this game, the fun factor is high, the replay value is good since you have 2 different characters to play in singleplayer and then you have the two in coop, which makes the game a different experience, depending on who you use and if solo or coop, and if you like to hunt achievements (great references to classics) or "beat" leaderboards you will have a challenge here. The game is really cheap for what it offers and for the amazing work put in it, and the game is getting a good and fast support, the devs are listening too the community and that is a great thing.

Hope we can get too play more games from Secret Base(Tobe or others).

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Tobe's Vertical Adventure - Good, Could Use More

Tobe's Vertical Adventure is a platformer game that provides a nice mix of retro and modern elements. The game is short, but its pair of likable protagonists have me hoping more adventures come their way.

Pros: Gameplay features an easy learning curve; controls are simple, yet level design prevents them from being boring; in-game style and music is "fashionably nostalgic"; features characters I'd like to see more of.

Cons: This adventure is only a few hours long, at most (which feels short, even for US$5); the cutscenes, while amusing, could have been less static.

If you have some spare cash, give Tobe's Vertical Adventure a go; you'll likely complete it shortly after buying it, but you gotta admit, Tobe and Nana have potential... hope their future games are bigger!
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I enjoyed the art scheme behind it and how its like an old school platformer. Playing many games, this one kinda makes me feel close at home due to my love of games like Cave Story and A.R.E.S., just without the gun element. When the sequels come out, I know ima be some of the first to play it, so hope you feel the same way after playing Tobe's Vertical Adventure
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I haven't had this much fun in a 2D platformer since Super Mario World.

The artwork is a great throwback to the era where platformers were king with all the cutesy graphics, and there's lots of skills and items to master to make your way through 4 islands and 16 levels to find a magical treasure doohickey. The levels are inventive and well designed to take advantage of all the skills in your arsenal. Toss in two chracters with their own set of tricks and a co-op mode and you have a nice amount of replay value.

While the cutscenes could have been better (it's not even animated), that's really the only fault I could find with Tobe's Vertical Adventure. The short length could be considered a con, but the 5 bucks price tag is a decent enough price for that timeframe.

I'm looking forward to more great games from Secret Base.

Oh I forgot to add future improvements. Well there's always online co-op and more levels, enemies, etc (but that's to be expected). All the rest has already been addressed in the recent patch so there's no point mentioning it now.

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I liked pretty much all of the game, with only a few minor gripes that could be improved.
1. Scroll speed when the stages fall apart. It was way too slow.
2. No online co-op.
3. One or two extra songs for each island would have gone a long way.
4. Menu controls needed to be able to correspond with your own key config.
5. A bit short, but for the price I wouldn't have expected it to be much longer.

That's about it. The gameplay and stage design were great, and I have no compalints about that. As for a level editor, that would go a hude way to improving the game's value. I wholeheartedly support that addition to a future Tobe game.

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Muti Messiah
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  • Well Presented and gives genuine feeling that its coming from the 16 bit era
  • Co-op play can be hit and miss, and with this game its a hit which adds hours of additional play
  • Good music that doesn't get on the nerves
  • Not too short but not too long in its main adventure so it does not out stay its welcome
  • Takes heavy movement influence from Ninja Gaiden

  • Lacks Resolution adjustments
  • No Pre Setup for 360 Controllers
  • Can leave you wanting more after the game is done
  • Game Crashes if your batteries die in your wireless 360 controller

Great game, good bang for your bucks! Additionally more fun with a second player but not lacking in single player. normally this is a hard balance to achieve between single player and multi player (Most recent shooters seem to be more worried about multi player than Single Player) and in my opinion this game pulls it off. While there are control issues in the technical sense rather than any response issue, some of these are being or have been addressed already and dont think it will take long for the others to be sorted. In Short if you got a Friend or Partner who is a retro gamer, Buy it. if you like an enjoyable single player experience, buy it!

  • Add a Resolution Option, reaching 1080p HD would be very nice
  • Pre Configured 360 Controller layout
  • Game to Pause if comms is lost with the controller rather than crashing
  • Level Editor with ability to share them online (at your website?) would be nice to see
  • Additional Challenge Map DLC's for a small fee (0.50€ to 1€) would be great to see
  • Online Co-operative
  • Additional Character with another unique skill set
  • Facebook Integration
  • Leader-boards split between Friends, Regional and Global
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Toby's Vertical Adventure

Great great game!
There are however some areas of improvement in my opinion.
One of the biggest glitches I found was trying to wall jump after sprinting, more often than not I would just fall down. Also I noticed the escape button wouldn't working for pausing the game.

As far as enemies go, I don't have any complaints, except maybe add some more. Same thing with levels.

Pros? Oh yeah, baby.

This game is now one of my favorite side scrollers to date. It's super laid back, but you still have the ability to do super awesome jumps and make super fast times. Basically I could go down a map and take like 30 minutes just jumping around having fun (wich I did all the time) Then challenge myself to get the fastest time going up.
The maps were really unique! I loved the theme on every single one. Same thing with the enemies, but like i said before, it wouldnt hurt to add more maps and enemies (and by this I dont mean add more enemy volume per level, but just different enemies each stage of a certain zone maybe) This game wouldn't get old even if it were 5 times longer. wink wink.

I have yet to beat the full game with NaNa. But I like the idea of having different characters. I think adding a few more would be a great idea too!

In summary, this game has a great foundation, has done exceptionally well so far, and would definitely benefit from some FREE dlc / expanding.

8.5 / 10
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Tobe's Vertical Adventure

The moment I saw this game was coming to Steam, I immediately felt the need to get it. A 2D platforming game with a basic concept that could easily create hours of fun for you and/or a friend.

I loved the game's basic controls and simplistic stage design but would've liked more stages as well as stages which are longer and more difficult. The coop was fun but online coop would've been a good addition to the game.

Great 2D platforming puzzle game
Good controls
Great presentation of sprites and map design
Local Coop

A bit too short (expecting some DLC to extend the replayability)
Repetitive music (tracks were nice but the range of music is a bit too small)

I know this game was just released but I would hope for some DLC to help extend the replayability value. But overall the game was extremely fun and entertaining. Even though the game was quite short, I find myself continuously going back to try to rescue or the animals and collect all the treasure or trying to beat someone's score on the leaderboards in hopes to get in the top 10 or so.

Great game. LOVE IT!!
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I just finished playing through as Tobe, which took around 1.5-2 hours. I've got to say that was a delightful, short BUT sweet experience; I thoroughly enjoyed the neat presentation and art design, in addition to the neat, albeit somewhat repetitive sound track (my favourites include the 'mystical' and gentle track in Mystic Cave to the faster and up beat vertical escape music of the third world) .

The run and jump gameplay (with a twist!) was a light, pleasant experience, and I will now play through as Nana and hopefully with a friend later on!

I felt particularly at ease whilst descending, but would always have a lot of fun doing rolls, wall jumps and dodging enemies upon my ascent, in addition to saving any stranded animals as the spikes quickly rose. There is a real sense of indiana jones present in this game

I hope that the team build upon this 'neat, little game', perhaps adding some more challenging or varied levels; I would like to also see the hookshot implemented into the retail package somehow, as I feel it created a very fast and tense gameplay experience in the online version, and having it left out here isn't right.

So yes, just some general passing by comments for this casual 'neat little game' (I just want to refer to it as that, it's just so neat and little, don't you agree?). Anyway, cheers guys, keep up the good work.

P.S. Racing an enemy explorer to the top/bottom would be fun?

P.P.S. I am repetitive for saying neat

P.P.P.S. After playing co-op for the first time, I've found that a race or vs mode of sorts would be a fantastic addition to the game, where online co-op would, again, be even better.

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A review

$5 doesn't buy much these days. What $5 CAN get you though is a well constructed, charming, fun platformer with fantastic music. Tobe's Vertical Adventure is a new game with old-school heart. From the beautiful pixel work to the energizing retro-styled music It'll keep you entertained at least as long as any summer blockbuster at less than half the price. And there's more! Grab a friend and double your fun with local co-op! While it's not online compatible, multiplayer should truly be enjoyed with someone you can at least punch in the shoulder when they jump off your head. As Secret Base's first release this one is a wonder and hopefully heralds more content and releases to come!
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I first learned about Tobe's Vertical Adventure while browsing through the Xbox Live's indie games over a year ago now. After looking through nearly the entire catalog comprised of almost nothing but controller massage games and screensavers, the boxart for Tobe was a breath of fresh air, and I bought it instantly. I ran through it several times, a few times in co-op and then solo, and I've been keeping up with Secret Base since (which has been pretty easy because I'm a long-time watcher of Bytejacker). As soon as I heard it was being ported to Steam and updated, I planned to buy it.

The level design in Tobe eases you into the game by introducing you to the various features and dangers of the game in a surprisingly brisk manner. While the first level shows and explains to you ropes, balloons, and the other basic mechanics like screenwrapping without the intrusion of baddies, by act four you're dealing with switches, falling blocks, spikes, springs, long drops, enemies, and giant spike walls rising from the bottom of the map. In the later worlds, you have to handle crushers, timed spikes, flying enemies, bubbles, and switches that move platforms among other traps. All of these elements are introduced over the course of sixteen levels a handful at a time so as not to overwhelm you.

Thankfully, the controls can best be described as easy to learn, difficult to master. They're simple and straightforward yet the number of actions you can perform (or fail to perform) from any given position belies that simplicity. Since TVA emphasizes the speedrunning aspect even more than in the Xbox Live version, the exactness and precision of the controls is an absolute requirement, one that the game delivers on.

Of course, it's important to note that there are actually two control methods, one for each character. While the general control is the same for both protagonists, the gameplay changes drastically between Tobe and the newly added Nana due to their individual abilities. Tobe's specialty is speed and wallrunning, excelling at straight, flat areas and low obstacles, whereas Nana moves quite slow, can't wallrun, and has less health and supplies, but makes up for it with a double jump.

Now, a double jump sounds somewhat uninteresting and it's easy to assume that she isn't actually that useful in comparison, but it's no hyperbole to say that the game is almost entirely different while playing as Nana. Though the levels are the same for both characters, the extra hop allows Nana to approach levels in a completely different manner. Nana, while at first feeling nerfed and more difficult, is the perfect fit for TVA, and emphasizes how a minor change to a game like this can have huge positive results.

It's impossible to talk about the characters without mentioning the pixelart. TVA has wonderful character art, with lots of crisp, bright, and poppy colors emulating but not confined by old 16-bit technology. The collectibles glimmer to draw your attention, waterfalls flow in the background, your character's animations fly by so fast you almost don't have time to appreciate them. And just in case the look gets stale, there's a change of palette every four levels to keep the visuals fresh and engaging, and the treasures enticing. These changes include a redesign of all the enemies, level blocks, gems, and animals, showing that there was extreme dedication to the artwork on the game.

While the game does a good job of encouraging multiple runs through a level--with its ticking timer, collectibles, points, and a leaderboard--it unfortunately may end up seeming somewhat dull and short if you have little interest in speedrunning or gathering items. The bonus for grabbing collectibles of earning extra lives, items, health, and ultimately the soundtrack and gallery for the game helps encourage scouting for them, but it may not be apparent enough originally to intrigue some people. If you're quick, it'll take you about an hour and change to finish one character's story, totaling out at about four hours for Tobe's story, Nana's story, and the co-op mode for if you get a friend to come along.

Additionally, co-op is local only, disappointingly. With the low entry price of the game, there is incredible potential in people gifting the game to someone and increasing the player base just because it's a simple, affordable, retro-styled cooperative game. I can imagine local co-op reducing sales and frustrating potential buyers since they need to invite someone over to play one of the three modes through the game.

Furthermore, as a minor nitpick, in the Xbox version co-op was confined to both players playing as Tobe since Nana hadn't even been programmed yet, but in the PC release, one player is forced to be Tobe and the other Nana. While allowing two players to approach a level differently based on their character's skill set, it would've been nice to have the option to play as Tobe and Tobe, or Nana and Nana. Since Nana has a distinct vertical advantage over Tobe, it's hard to keep both players together on screen.

On the topic of glitches, TVA has quite a few, particularly in co-op mode. A handful are severe, but thankfully at most they will only cost you a life or two, and if you play the game carefully, you shouldn't encounter any. Most notably, enemies seem to be the main cause of bugs.

In a hopeful sequel, I'd like to see more than just blocks crumbling at the escape. For example, they could crumble into spikes, a weight could fall from the ceiling and open or block a path, or maybe even an enemy could be unleashed into an area. More options for setting up your own escape would be welcomed as well. While just throwing a rope can change the route out of an act drastically, being able to affect the levels physically in some manner would help the theme of levels being malleable.

Also, possibly adding more characters could be nice. Particularly, I can see potential in adding a character with a hookshot (similar to Hookshot Escape) that can shoot left, right, and up to pull him along. I'd like to see alternate levels you can open through fulfilling certain criteria, or a challenge mode with levels specifically designed for certain characters that test their skills. Failing that, a level editor would fit in nicely and help grow a level design community.

Nonetheless, as it is, Tobe's Vertical Adventure is a fantastic game that pays homage to the classic games of the early 90s without downgrading the game itself to emulate them. It's a competent platformer that has simple yet precise controls and irresistible charm. For the small price tag, it delivers a unique, fun experience with colorful pixelart and cheery chiptunes.
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Tobe's Vertical Advanture the Player's Review

Tobe's Vertical Advanture the Player's Review


• Vertical Platform feel refreshing.
• Cool 2D pixel art.
• The great music fit with the environment.
• Tobe and Nana’s game control mechanics.


• The story was interesting, but after pasting a levels. you get award with an almost the same cut scene.
• Throwing rope is tricky.
• Easy game.
• Easy to collect the collectable items. (Feel more like you are handing them.)
• Main menu is little confusing.

Future Sequel

• Level editor? Yes, please!
• More level and more challenge.
• Environment change while climbing up (Keep adding the pressure. Also, remove the cut-scene after opening the treasure chest.)
• More funny characters.
• Maybe a mini game levels where Tobe have to rescue a person/thing and carry to the surface.)
• Characters’ roll can do damage.

Spin off

• No! It’s good as it is.
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