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Unhappy Something of a letdown with great potential!

I bought this game as I am a huge fan of Dejobaan from playing AAAA... and expected a little more than this, even for a pre-release.

I'm not gonna go there and point out everything that has already been covered, but I have just a couple of gripes that bother me.

1. Copying music into the game files, this did not originally bother me, as I had to do the same thing with "The Polynomial" until I tried to open a folder of my music ingame and the game proceeded to launch me right into the playing on the folder, as though it was an MP3. I figured this was just a bug, and played through the level anyway until the end, which lasted about 30 seconds. So I realised at that point that not only do I have to copy all of my MP3s into the folder, but that I would have to scoot through 30gb of album folders and indivually transfer each. Not cool.

2. Quite a simple one really; when i actually got to playing a song, there was absolutely NO RHYTHM to the level at all. I've found after my first game that levels "1...2...3..." are all pre-generated and COMPLETELY unaffected by the track I actually load. The main thing that convinced me to get this game was the description "A hint of orchestral strings, and gameplay responds with wide open skies ahead. But what’s this? Big, fat bass beats, and suddenly you’re intimate with the side of a behemoth building". No I wasn't, I was intimate with a behemoth building for the entirety of Moonlight Sonata. I'm pretty sure, for a rhythm game, that can't be right. I'm not sure if i'm missing anything here, but at this point it seems that i'd get a better experience from this game by playing AAAA... with my iPod in my ears.

I can see the potential here, but allowing a player to run their own music over a pre-generated level is not a rhythm game, and I'm a little bit jarateed I was charged £6.99 for this, not what i would have expected to pay for a game in beta testing, especially one that seems to be more of a concept than a game.

Thanks Dejobaan, keep up the good work and make this as worth my while as AAAA has been.
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Also, in case this is misunderstood. I do enjoy the game, and my first couple of runs on each level were fun, especially on the Genome City. But City 15 is the nail in the coffin, the plain panels at either side, every now and again for a full song length is probably one of the most boring experiences I've ever had in a rhythm game.

Also apologies for the double post.
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